Win a share of £30,000!

Maria Casino has come out with a brand new achievement feature on their quick spin games, that will make your gaming experience more rewarding than ever before. In order to celebrate the new release, Maria Casino invites you to a £30,000 Achievement Tournament!

Achievement goals

Play any of the slot games that has the quick spin icon on it, like Sakura for example. When you do, you’ll find a set of Achievement goals, and as you complete them you will earn tokens that can be swapped for free spins, free games and loads more!

£30,000 prize pool

To celebrate the new feature, there is also an Achievement Tournament you can take part of at Maria Casino. The top 500 players will get to share the prize pool of £30,000. You enter the tournament by opting in at Maria Casino, and then playing at least 20 consecutive rounds on any of the quick spin games.

The prize pool will be shared between the 500 players who has the highest equalized win over 20 spins. The top prize of the tournament is £5,000 – and the prizes will be shared like this:

1. 5,000.00 GBP
2. 2,000.00 GBP
3. 1,000.00 GBP
4-5. 500.00 GBP
6-10. 300.00 GBP
11-20. 200.00 GBP
21-50. 150.00 GBP
51-100. 70.00 GBP
101-200. 30.00 GBP
201-300. 25.00 GBP
301-500. 20.00 GBP

Join the Quickspin Tournament at Maria Casino -> 

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