Mystery Bags filled with..?


2017 is finally here and we can leave 2016 behind. We hope you had a great celebration and that you are ready to celebrate some more. Vera&John is first up and they have a special thing for you.

From today, the 2nd of January you have the chance to buy Mystery Bags. What is a Mystery Bag then you might ask? The Mystery Bags are a tradition all the way from Japan that is called “Fukubukuro” which is Mystery Bag in english. The Mystery Bags is a sort of a goodie bag that you buy without knowing what is in it. The only thing you know is that the content are worth the same or more than what you paid for.

For the next three days Vera&John will have Mystery Bags in their Shop. The bags will contain things as bonuses, free spins, pick spins or what it might be. The only thing you know is that it is going to be a bag full of fun.

Get your hands on a Mystery Bag and you might even win a huge fortune. Go to Vera&John and head to the shop right know!

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