Trustly Online Casinos

Trustly is a popular payment method often used for online gaming, casino, poker and bingo. You only use your own internet bank while making transactions with this online payment platform. This platform is based on a Swedish technology that now enables bank payments online easy and strives to make them as secure as possible, fast and flexible for all parts involved, from the buyer to the company or site. Now it is common to pay by debit card when making purchases online, and sometimes e-retailers make their own agreements with banks or through other payment services. But this is something they want to change and instead they offer direct payment through your internet bank via them.

The company was founded in 2008 and has in these few years managed to expand and grow lots. If you live in UK and never have heard the company name before you may have heard about GluePay or Instant Bank. That’s the former name of the company. In the current situation they are available in 29 countries where they work with some of the world’s largest companies to enable their business. According to themselves it’s done over 1 million purchases every month with them and it is a simple and convenient method for online purchases. Their platform has become a popular tool and extra popular in the casino industry as their method is well suitable for this types of transactions used when playing casino online. The service is free hence you don’t pay any fee to them directly when using it. They attach great importance to the fact that they want the payment process to be unitary in appearance, regardless of which bank or unit on the screen you are using.

How to use Trustly

Trustly describes themselves as a simple service to use. And though it from the outside may look and sound a bit complicated you can rest sure this is a simply used method. First you have to make sure your online casino is approved, nowadays most casinos are approved by them. After that you can choose to register at their webpage. You don’t have to do that, you can use to skip it and use it anyway. When later depositing at your casino you just choose Trustly as payment method and all you have to do is log in to your internet bank, confirm your payment details and the amount. Since the start the company with its online payment platform has enabled safe payment for casino players worldwide.

It’s not just gaming companies using the service (even if it is perfectly suited for that type of transactions) but also, for example, Groupon, Kilroy and Trip Well, to mention some sites, are approved by Trustly. They also work together with e-transactions WorldPay and Neteller. If you are unsure and want to use it when paying online, check the site first. They can definitely refer to themselves as innovators. This company has been a great help for gamers playing on their mobiles, iPhone, iPad or Android. With their service you can easily move money around and make safe payment. This is something they were first in the casino industry to focus on.

What does it cost

They don’t take any charges from users and they market themselves as a free service.
However companies wanting to use the product have to pay for it. So for example if a online casino site want to enable their service to online visitors they have to pay a fee directly to Trustly. Then the company can choose wether they want to take the hole charge themselves or if they want to split it with the visitors at the site. And this depends on which site you’re at. The site often makes individual deals for their own visitors. So this is important to look up before paying with this payment method.


There are obvious pros and cons about the company, just as all different payment methods. One reason some might choose other is that there is a third part involved. When paying with Trustly they also get access to all of your bank details. All together, parts some don’t like. But a pro is that you don’t need to register if you don’t want to. They doesn’t do any credit check since they don’t use any credit. You also know right away what money you are using to play for, it’s your own deserved money. A lot of people also appreciate that it works on all different tablets and the site is responsive and touch-friendly.

There are now many different payment services to use for consumers and of course the pros and cons of each. You have to try out other methods to find what suits you the best. To read more about various payment services, we recommend you to read more here to find the option you think suits you the