Time travels with MrGreen!


From castles, noble knights, duels and candles – to a futuristic skyscrape and sensational lightshows with lasers and spotlights. Which portal will you choose? Will you head back to medieval times, or take a trip into the future? Mr Green Casino is offering you a journey through time and space, where the most skilled time travelers will be rewarded with cash prizes!

Medieval times or the future?

In order to become the most skillful time traveler around, you need to either go back in time or head to the future. You can do this using the slots Ivanhoe or Hong Kong Tower – which will bring you to new eras of time. Decide if you want to re discover the past or head into the unknown future – and collect points in order to become the best time traveler MrGreen casino has ever seen!

Become the best time traveller around

If you choose to go back in time, and play the Ivanhoe slot, you’ll need to reach the bonus round and defeat your competitors in order to reach level three. Every time you complete this mission, you will earn one point. In the futuristic world of Hon Kong Tower, on the other hand, you will be rewarded with one point each time you reach the bonus round.

The points you collect will be added together, and used on a top list for the promotion. The time traveler that has collected the most points in the end of the promotional period, Sunday 16th July, will claim the top prize of €1250. The top 25 players will be rewarded with cash prizes. Of course you can travel back and forth in time, and collect points from both of the slots. Happy time traveling!

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