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Mission campaign at Vera & John!


The summer is yet not gone, at least not if you visit Vera & John Casino! They stick to the summer with their Endless Summer Campaign, where you can win a part of the £45 000 that will be distributed to the top 500 players.

Complete the missions!

If you, just like a lot of the other players, want to have a chance to win, you must complete the missions. First, you need to collect 50 free spin symbols in Golden Fish Tank. Also, you should collect 3 feature caps in Spiña Colada and 25 Sunny Wilds in Sunny Shores. Complete this in as few rounds played as possible, and you might just get in the top. The 500 best players gets their share of £45 000, with £8 000 for the top position. If you’re not happy with your result and score after the mission, you can re-do your mission. Once you’ve completed it once, you can do it again in the hunt for a better score.

Pick-and-click raffle

Even if you don’t manage to get in the top 500, you still have a chance to get a nice prize. The top 700 players get to join a pick-and-click raffle. Here you have the chance to get another nice prize – up to £5 000 actually! This raffle is open from the 4th to 5th of September, so make sure you ger in to one of the Mission games and get it started!

For more information about the campaign, go to Vera & John Casino to see for yourself. You can also see all the prizes and rewards there, and just how much you might win. Check it out before it’s gone!

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Latest Casino News

Winter Berries

Winter Berries was launched by Yggdrasil in January last year and it really captures the beauty of winter. White snow, blue skies, trees covered in snow and bright colored berries as items on the reel. Combine that with beautiful, twinkling music and howling winds and you have an enchanting slot with great gameplay, filled with a ton of winter magic. It’s a pleasure to spin and play, again and again.

How to play

Winter Berries has five reels which gives you 25 fixed paylines to play automatically, all at the same time. The cash bet is between €0.25 and €125, reaching between 0.01 coins and 5 coins. This is a big span with many variations and it makes it easy for you to play and bet however and how much you want. You can also see how the paylines are set up, simply by hovering with your mouse over the squares at the sides. This shows the paylines numbered from one to 25 and it’s quite interesting to see what patterns and paylines there is in-game. They also light up when winning at, so you can see for yourself what row you won.

Free spins and bonus games

There is two special features of Winter Berries. One is the freeze and spin, the other is the column bonus. The freeze and spin makes identical items freeze, if there’s enough of them at the same time in the reel. Freezed items stays on the reel while the rest spins again, as a sort of a free spin. The other feature is the column multiplier bonus, which gives you two, three, four or five times the score depending on how much of the screen are filled with ice.

The game experience

Winter Berries has kind of a playful feel too it, making you feel like a small child experiencing the winter wonderland for the first time. It’s full of hope and every spin you do is filled with anticipation and enchantment. The background is beautiful as well, with the Northerns Lights in the sky and the stars around it. Even the sound reminds of a beautiful winter landscape, much like the ones in a kids movie. There is howling winds and twinkly, playful sounds which together makes you feel cosy and safe. It gives you the feeling of being at home or in a cottage, with the winter storms flying outside in the cold and clear air. At the same time, it’s warm and safe inside, where you might be under a blanket. The sound effects are, as you may have understood by now, very well done by Yggdrasil’s sound artists. Both Yggdrasil and their sound artists have made a great job creating this gameplay that you’ll like being a part of.

Freeze spins

One of the two special feature in this slot is the freeze and re-spin. Sometimes, some of the same items on the reel freezes and get buried in ice. This triggers a free spin, but with the freezed items staying in their positions. If more items identically to the ones in ice drops at the reel after the free spin, they also freezes, triggering yet another free spin. This continues to build up and can grow to be all over the screen. This then gives you the Big Win, combined with the column bonus. On the other hand, if there is no more items as the ones in ice after a free spin, the growing stops. You still get you win though, no need to fear a loss here. The best is of course to get the entire screen filled and once you get some parts freezed, you are much likely to clamp your thumbs in hope for it to spread so you get that Big Win!

Column Bonus

The other special feature in Winter Berries is the the column multiplier that gives you 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x you score. The columns decide what the multiplier bonus will be, and if scored at all of them, you will get a Big Win. The column bonus kicks in when a full row is covered with ice, which means three items vertically. When the three rows of the first three reels consists of nothing but freezed items, you get the three times bonus. The slot will spin again as a free spin after this, if one or more identical items popped up on the last spin and therefor got freezed, just like the freeze spin works. When all rows at all reels is freezed, being the entire screen, the 5x bonus kicks in and that’s when you get your long wanted Super Mega Big Win, the one making it even more exciting. Seeing the iced items building up is really enchanting and makes you even more into the game. When the free spins keep on ticking, we guarantee you will start cheering a little bit for it to continue.

Play smooth and clear

The video slot runs exceptionally smooth and there is not much loading time at all. Winter Berries was originally not designed using the iSense 2.0 platform from Yggdrasil, but it was recently adapted and moved to it from the older version, just like many of their older slots. This is a big reason for the smooth experience and with the 16:9 game resolution, there is no doubt this is a well-made game, easy and pleasing for the players to use.

Mobile possibilities

As well as many other slots and games from Yggdrasil, Winter Berries are available on mobile devices and desktops devices. It supports Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, if you feel like playing on your desktop computer. If you are more of a mobile player and perhaps wants to spin a few rounds on the train or bus in the way home from a long day at work, there is of course a solution for you as well. You can easily play on you smartphone since Winter Berries are available and playable on devices using both Android and iOS. This is nothing new though, since basically all of Yggdrasil’s slots is available for multiple platforms. But it sure is nice to be able to play the slots wherever you are, and taking it with you where you want to go.


The Alchymedes slot was launched by Yggdrasil in January this year, being one of their newest video slots. By playing and changing the preferences on your own, the slot gives you the feeling of playing as an Alchemist, mixing up balances and trying out different combinations to find great success and big wins. The thought behind it was to give the user a feeling of the mystics surrounding the alchemists back in the days, when science was considered magic. In our opinion, Yggdrasil has succeeded without comparison.

An interactive slot

Thanks to the possibility to balance your own bonuses with the Alchemist’s scale, you get the feeling of having a bit of control in the game. You can choose between having more multiplier bonuses, or larger wild spread. This also keeps the interest up when you play, because of the possibility to slightly re-make the game on your own.

With this, you can continue to play even if you’ve completed all of the levels once already. If you want to go again, you can always play it with a different balance. Also, the gameplay becomes much more interesting when you get to be a part of it and control it in a completely different way than usually.

With the bonuses, you can also enlarge the spreading, making the wild spreads even bigger and giving you more winnings for your spin. Considering there is over 15,000 possible combinations of wild spread, you will much likely want to play it through more than once.

How to play

The main goal of Alchymedes is to complete the different levels by getting line wins on every position. When one line is a winning line, the background of the symbols becomes golden and stays so, until all tiles in the background is golden and you pass the level.

Not only is Alchymedes nice to play, look at and follow – it’s also very nice to win at. With cash bets from €0.30 up to €60.00 and the RTP at 96.1% this slot is a really decent one. If you rather play with coins, the coin value is from 0.01 up to 2.00 and the max coin win is 300,000.

Even of you don’t play to win money, Alchymedes is a slot that is very pleasing to spend some time at just for fun. The thrilling story also makes you more eager to play a little longer, which suits the slot just fine since it has a volatility at 35. You get rewarded with smaller wins, and once in a while you get a really nice big win or multiplier bonus at the ending spin for the level you’re at.

Alchemist’s scale

At the start of every level, there is also a bonus feature that can be triggered randomly. It gives out one of six possible rewards, such as additional wild patterns, coin wins payed put at the end of the level, more frequent and higher multiplier and so on. This, we think, is a welcoming extra rewarding detail, if you for example change the balance with the Alchemist’s scale to get more wild patterns but still want the chance of an extra multiplier bonus.

Wild patterns

For every new level, there is a new spreading pattern for the wilds. When one wild lands, it will spread as the pattern in the bar to the left of the slot shows. The wilds will start by spreading according to the pattern showed, starting from the red block where the wild appears. The rest is marked with blue, to show how the patterns looks and how it will spread. If some of the pattern is outside the reel, it gives no bonuses. Although, it quite nice when you get the main wild in the center of the reel and it spreads all over.

Multiplier Bonus

At every last spin for the level, there is a level completion multiplier which is awarded to the win that completes the golden background. When the last spin fills the last background with gold, the multiplier comes in to play. Between 1x and 5x can be added in the multiplier for each spin, and it’s capped at 100x. It would be pretty sweet to score that 100x, we think.

Enchanting gameplay

With you as a player being able to decide how you want your game, you feel welcomed and needed, a part of the story as well as a part of the quest for success. The Alchemist’s scale allows you to simply click away to the balance you wish. Of course, even the scale and the background has fantastic animations and graphics, keeping the feeling of a cold, dark cottage far into the woods, by a swamp, but in a nice way.

Stunning graphics

With five wheels and four lines horizontally, the reel is pleasing to use. To your right, you have the sizzling tube of multiplier potion. At the left side of the reel, there is the bowl of wild pattern potion and the meter for the amount of golden tiles. With the brown and grey earthy tones together with the bright blue, red and green, you really get the feeling of an alchemist in a creaky old cottage somewhere. The feeling is enhanced with the small details, such as the moving flames of the candles and the sizzling in the tubes, to make the slot even more enchanting.

The 16:9 resolution together with the iSense 2.0 platform and the Yggdrasil BOOST makes Alchymedes a really smooth slot to play. Short loading time, nice flow in the slots and smooth, neat graphics. The animations seems to be light as feathers – it’s well done without making the slot feel heavy to load.

Widely available

As with many other of Yggdrasil’s slots, the Alchymedes slot is widely available in both browsers and different platforms. It supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, on desktops, and with smartphones using iOS or Android. This makes you able to sit with it anywhere, with your smartphone or on your desktop computer. With Yggdrasil’s software and platforms behind the game, you can continue your Alchemist search on the device you want. Of course the Alchymedes slot is available in different languages as well. 26 of them, to be precise. This includes English, Spanish, Russian, German and Korean, as well as the Nordic languages and many others.

Vikings Go Berzerk

You might remember the game “Vikings go wild”, and if you liked it you are truly in for a treat. “Vikings go berzerk” is the new follow-up, and it has some brand new features. The foundation of the game is basically the same as it was when the vikings just went wild – but this time, they go berzerk.

Follow-ups are always tricky. For every “Godfather part II” there is always an “Indiana Jones and the crystal skull” kind of thing just waiting to ruin peoples expectations. This game however, seems to be more of a godfather in that regard. When it comes to a viking game created by a company called “Yggdrasil”, what could possibly go wrong? With the same viking theme as it’s precursor, Vikings go berzerk has a similar graphic and style. There is still the four viking-symbols and the four coin symbols, and in the bottom there are four different vikings, just waiting to go berzerk. The snakes that were found in “Vikings go wild” are replaced with sirens for the vikings to defeat, and the sequel really is darker in tone than its precursor.

How to play

Vikings go berzerk is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot from Yggdrasil Gaming, that is available to play on desktop and mobile phones, as well as on tablet devices. It has been designed to impress, and to put players on the edge of their seats while playing, right from the get go. The reels in this game is set on top of a traditional viking ship, in the same style as in “Vikings go wild”. The command button is set on a wooden plank at the bottom of the reels, which gives the player a dynamic and realistic universe to play in. However – the many similarities between “Vikings go wild” and “Vikings go berzerk”, this game feels more like an updated and refined version of the old game, rather than a true sequel. Although, this doesn’t make the game bad in any way.

The foundation of the game is like any other slot-game on the market at the moment – you set the game for coin value and cash bet that you want, and then you spin. You can choose a cash bet from as little as 25p, up to the maximum of €125. As you play, you’ll collect rage to the four vikings in the bottom who accompanies you in your adventures. Every time you hit a winning combination with one of the viking-symbols that particular viking will collect rage. When a vikings rage meter is full they enter berzerk-mode, which gives you 7 free spins. While in berzerk-mode, the viking will be able to defeat the siren whenever she appears on the reels, which can award you even more surprise cash prizes. You can also use three scatters to trigger free spins – and this will release the Ragnarök feature. Ragnarök makes all of the four vikings go berzerk at the same time, and every single viking-symbol turns into wilds during those free spins. On this feature, you can easily get up to at least 400 times your bet win. It pretty much guarantees a screen full of wilds by the end of the Vikings go berzerk bonus game.

It might seem like there is a lot going on at once in “Vikings go berzerk”, but its quite easy to get the hang of it while playing. You can get good wins in the base game through the treasure chest and the golden treasure chest – but the main event is the free spins features.

Free spins, bonus games and wilds

All features from the original game is still there, with a few additions. The main attraction of the game is Ragnarök, where all of the vikings go into in berzerk-mode and will always turn into wild symbols on the reels. The feature is played in the golden treasure chest, and in the bonus randomizer before a normal free spin feature.

In the base game you can gain quite big wins through the treasure chest and the golden treasure chest in reels four and five. The treasure chest appearing will give you a cash or coin win, where you’ll get to choose one out of five cards that are flipped upside down. Each of the cards have different values, and the value of the card you choose is the win that you get. The golden treasure chest will give you either wins of 10 to 400 times your bet, 7 to 21 free spins, a rage boost for your vikings or access to the Ragnarök free spin feature. While in the Ragnarök feature, apart from all of the viking symbols turning into wilds – all of the wilds are sticky.


Although carrying a lot of resemblance to Vikings Go Wild, Vikings go berzerk clearly is a lot more advanced when it comes to the graphics. The main setting is basically the same in both games – a ship as background, four vikings at the bottom etc. But the setting has a lot more detail to it in the sequel. Instead of a simple wooden ship, it is now a metal decorated ship, ready for war.

The graphics and animations are no doubt improved in comparison to the older game, but it is still true to the Vikings Go Wild characters and settings. The biggest difference between the games, though, are the new special features that have been added to the sequel.

Developer & mobile

As mentioned earlier, Vikings Go Berzerk is developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the leading game developers on the market right now. Yggdrasil´s games are known for having a high repayment percantage, and for Vikings go Berzerk the number is 96,1%.

As most of Yggdrasil’s newer games, Vikings go Berzerk is built with HTML-5, and is therefore possible to play on desktop and mobile phones as well as on tablet devices.