Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd. has quickly become one of the greatest names in the world of B2B development for online betting and gaming. But just like the other big names, they all come from somewhere. This is the story about one of them, a fast-growing one.

A quality company on the way up

Yggdrasil has grown quickly and are now one of the biggest developers of slots, online casinos and betting, as well as platforms. They started in Sweden and worked only with number gambling, such as lottery and keno. Soon they started developing slots, which turned out to be a wise decision. Yggdrasil started to grow and has continued since. Much of their success comes from the founders many years of experience in the iGaming industry. The team of founders started in the company NetEnt and gained the knowledge needed to start a business like Yggdrasil. Now, Yggdrasil have contracts with more than 30 customers, including some of the greatest casinos in iGaming such as Betsson, Maria Casino and Unibet.

Although, the success did not come only from their smooth and well programmed games and slots. The graphics in Yggdrasil’s software quickly became one of their signatures. Because of its well-made details and spotless effects, they seemed to have added just the extra finess to their games that is needed. Having a pleasing user interface and screen in-game is extremely valuable, and with Yggdrasil’s high quality software it was a straight up success. Yggdrasil has now moved their headquarter from Sweden to what many people call ”the iGaming paradise” – Malta. Yggdrasil also have their major office for development in Krakow, Poland and they have a regional office in Gibraltar.

Breakthrough for both developers and users

The team developed the iSense 2.0 platform in 2015, which led to a breakthrough for both Yggdrasil and the iGaming world. The iSense 2.0 platform launched also in 2015 and is based on HTML5 and allows the developers to launch games and marketing for different devices much easier than before. It’s thanks to the HTML5 framework that makes it possible to, for example, launch a game for both computers and mobile devices at the same time.

Now, users can play their games on the device they wish, without too much loading time and slow slots. Thanks to the iSense 2.0, the average loading time for the games with the iSense 2.0 platform is only 6,5 seconds, which is a decent time compared to the other platforms. It also runs much more smooth than with the older version, which makes it more pleasant for the users. At the moment, only the newest of Yggdrasil’s games uses the iSense 2.0 platform but soon all of the slots will be using the 2.0 version as well.

A BOOST for gamification

Yggdrasil also launched the BOOST software together with the iSense 2.0, which makes it significantly easier for companies to market themselves and their products in-game. From the opposite perspective, BOOST makes the users able to compete and see the scoreboards for their games. If it was not for BOOST, players had to go out from the game to see an extern scoreboard. With the BOOST they get access to scoreboards and competitions in-game.

This makes it comfortable for the users, as well as for the company that owns the game since they no longer have to drag the users away from the game onto another extern site. The user can stay in-game and spend more time playing, instead of searching and getting lost at other sites just to find a scoreboard. This possibility also increases the gamification, which basically means the making of tasks more competitive and fun. You can now compete with other players instead of just playing against you own scores, or for your own money. This gives new life to many games, as well as new dimensions in the iGaming world.

Consequently random software

There must to be a certain amount of randomness in slot and gaming for it to be fun. If every fifth spin is a win, it’s not that exciting to continue. But providing constantly, absolutely random numbers is not as easy as it sounds. The human brain, for example, is not at all that random as we think is is. It would also be unsustainable to hire a person who’s only task is to come up with random numbers and program it into the slot’s software. Instead, there needs to be a program designed to make random numbers. Easy, right? Well, not really.

Although, Yggdrasil has come up with a generator, the Random Number Generator (RNG). Not only does it produces random numbers, it is also in line with the standards demanded by Malta, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. It’s tested by an independent accredited testing house and it’s guaranteed to keep producing 100% random numbers.

Awarded more than once

The eGaming Review (EGR) is a magazine focused on online casinos, online gaming and betting, as well as development of this. EGR has two kinds of awards that is handed out annually. One award, the EGR Operator Award, is handed out to the operator who has the most excellence and innovation in, among other categories, social responsibility, mobile casino products, sports betting and so on. The award for best Business to Business (B2B) operator is focused on the best system provider and operator in categories such as betting and gaming software, networks and marketing and more.

The B2B award is open for all companies working with B2B in the eGaming industry. So, the awards from EGR is a major confirmation as a company. It’s a proof of quality and innovation. When Yggdrasil was still a young company, in the start of 2015, they won the EGR B2B award Software Rising Star. In June 2016, Yggdrasil won the EGR B2B award for Best Slot Provider of the year. Yggdrasil was also awarded iGaming Software Supplier of the year, early in 2016. After this, Yggdrasil have continued to prove their stability and quality in their company, as well as in their products, by winning this awards.