Casino Slots Online

On this page we have put together a list with our favourite slots that you can find online at the casinos we have reviewed. With these slots you are likely going to have a great time playing and hopefully win some cash also.

As soon as a slot is being released there is often some free spins offer to claim and by now you know that we will report about it.

As you might notice we have a developer that we like a bit more and it is Net Entertainment. Netent is one of our favourite developers because they always take it to the next level. We like games with cool effects, great design and graphics plus of course the chance to win much money.

Slots online

To play slots online has gotten more and more popular and each year there are new casino sites that offer all the latest. Most people know about the old one-armed bandit which exists in land based casinos. The one-armed bandits have actually gotten rarer, as more digital games take their place. The number increases all the time since the developers constantly launch new ones. We will now go through how they work and some short history.

How does a slot machine work?

The most common thing is that it consists of 3-5 wheels, but some have more. Today most of them are computerized instead of the old mechanical ones. On the wheels there are colourful symbols and what kind of symbols there are depends on what the theme is. When you start the game the wheels will start spinning and stop on a random combination of symbols. What combination it will be is controlled by a Random Number Generator, which uses mathematical calculations to give a fair result.

The slot machines often have a RTP, a percentage that shows what the return to the player is. Slot machines go up to about 98%. There are both normal and progressive slots. The progressive ones have a huge jackpot, but a lower Return To Player percentage. When you win, you win really big. There are players that have won millions on progressive jackpots. To win the jackpot you often have to bet max, namely maximum coins and maximum lines.

Different themes and rules

As we mentioned before they all have different looks and themes, different amount of wheels and much more. For example Gonzos Quest is not like other traditional slot machines. It is made of blocks of stones instead of the traditional wheels, in Gonzo each stone is a symbol. The symbols are falling down instead of wheels that are spinning. The pay lines can differ from about 15 up to hundred. But the most common design is 5 wheels and 20 pay lines. There is new developments coming all the time and only the imagination puts up limits for how the games may turn out. We can only guess that the game developers will continue to surprise us!


The history goes actually back all the way to the 1800 century. Sittman and Pitt made a machine where the symbols where shaped as different poker cards. In the machine different poker hands could come up and would give the player a win. It was a man called Charles Fey that later made the first slot machine: The Liberty Bell. It was a mechanical machine and it was placed in saloons and casinos where it became really popular. Liberty Bell had three wheels and one pay line. It had five different symbols and three in a row gave a win. The five different symbols were; hearts, horseshoe, spades, diamonds and of course bells. The highest win was when three Bells came up and it is also why it was called the Liberty Bell. Some of these symbols are still used today, which you may know if you have played at online casinos before.


It was the software provider Bally who then developed an electric version of the slot machine. They put in some new features with multicoin levels which increased the popularity. At the casinos table games still were the thing that was most popular but there was one company who understood that slots were going to be the future. International Gaming Technology therefore created the first game with a microchip and the first to be completely electronic. IGT also created pooled jackpots with a whole new system. It took a while for the electronic games to be popular but great marketing and continuous development made the new video slot a hit.

How it is today

Today you can play almost anything online including slot machines. Most online casinos offer over 500 different slots on their sites. Today they often also have a lot of bonus features, so it is easy to have fun while playing. The slots online are available all the time and you don’t have to stand in line for your favourite machine. You can also win a lot more online than on regular casinos.

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet, which has made it easier for casinos to reach out for their players by optimizing their games to mobile devices also. Almost everything about slot machines has been developed far from where it was in the beginning. This has also made it more popular, with graphics and audio features. The games therefor can appeal more players today and are easy to play where ever you may be if you have internet.

Online Software Providers

In the industry today there are a lot of software providers. We have made a page where you can read more about the different providers and what their speciality is. There are more and more companies starting constantly so there might be one or two that are missing in our list but we are working on getting them all in there. For now it includes our favourites that we have had time to write about, but we will keep adding companies to the list. You can read more about each company in the software provider section.