Casino Slots Online

On this page we have put together a list with our favourite slots that you can find online at the casinos we have reviewed. With these slots you are likely going to have a great time playing and hopefully win some cash also.

As soon as a slot is being released there is often some free spins offer to claim and by now you know that we will report about it.

As you might notice we have a developer that we like a bit more and it is Net Entertainment. Netent is one of our favourite developers because they always take it to the next level. We like games with cool effects, great design and graphics plus of course the chance to win much money.

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Slots online

To play slots online has gotten more and more popular and each year there are new casino sites that offer all the latest. Most people know about the old one-armed bandit which exists in land based casinos. The one-armed bandits have actually gotten rarer, as more digital games take their place. The number increases all the time since the developers constantly launch new ones. We will now go through how they work and some short history.

How does a slot machine work?

The most common thing is that it consists of 3-5 wheels, but some have more. Today most of them are computerized instead of the old mechanical ones. On the wheels there are colourful symbols and what kind of symbols there are depends on what the theme is. When you start the game the wheels will start spinning and stop on a random combination of symbols. What combination it will be is controlled by a Random Number Generator, which uses mathematical calculations to give a fair result.

The slot machines often have a RTP, a percentage that shows what the return to the player is. Slot machines go up to about 98%. There are both normal and progressive slots. The progressive ones have a huge jackpot, but a lower Return To Player percentage. When you win, you win really big. There are players that have won millions on progressive jackpots. To win the jackpot you often have to bet max, namely maximum coins and maximum lines.

Different themes and rules

As we mentioned before they all have different looks and themes, different amount of wheels and much more. For example Gonzos Quest is not like other traditional slot machines. It is made of blocks of stones instead of the traditional wheels, in Gonzo each stone is a symbol. The symbols are falling down instead of wheels that are spinning. The pay lines can differ from about 15 up to hundred. But the most common design is 5 wheels and 20 pay lines. There is new developments coming all the time and only the imagination puts up limits for how the games may turn out. We can only guess that the game developers will continue to surprise us!


The history goes actually back all the way to the 1800 century. Sittman and Pitt made a machine where the symbols where shaped as different poker cards. In the machine different poker hands could come up and would give the player a win. It was a man called Charles Fey that later made the first slot machine: The Liberty Bell. It was a mechanical machine and it was placed in saloons and casinos where it became really popular. Liberty Bell had three wheels and one pay line. It had five different symbols and three in a row gave a win. The five different symbols were; hearts, horseshoe, spades, diamonds and of course bells. The highest win was when three Bells came up and it is also why it was called the Liberty Bell. Some of these symbols are still used today, which you may know if you have played at online casinos before.


It was the software provider Bally who then developed an electric version of the slot machine. They put in some new features with multicoin levels which increased the popularity. At the casinos table games still were the thing that was most popular but there was one company who understood that slots were going to be the future. International Gaming Technology therefore created the first game with a microchip and the first to be completely electronic. IGT also created pooled jackpots with a whole new system. It took a while for the electronic games to be popular but great marketing and continuous development made the new video slot a hit.

How it is today

Today you can play almost anything online including slot machines. Most online casinos offer over 500 different slots on their sites. Today they often also have a lot of bonus features, so it is easy to have fun while playing. The slots online are available all the time and you don’t have to stand in line for your favourite machine. You can also win a lot more online than on regular casinos.

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet, which has made it easier for casinos to reach out for their players by optimizing their games to mobile devices also. Almost everything about slot machines has been developed far from where it was in the beginning. This has also made it more popular, with graphics and audio features. The games therefor can appeal more players today and are easy to play where ever you may be if you have internet.

Online Software Providers

In the industry today there are a lot of software providers. We have made a page where you can read more about the different providers and what their speciality is. There are more and more companies starting constantly so there might be one or two that are missing in our list but we are working on getting them all in there. For now it includes our favourites that we have had time to write about, but we will keep adding companies to the list. You can read more about each company in the software provider section.


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The Alchymedes slot was launched by Yggdrasil in January this year, being one of their newest video slots. By playing and changing the preferences on your own, the slot gives you the feeling of playing as an Alchemist, mixing up balances and trying out different combinations to find great success and big wins. The thought behind it was to give the user a feeling of the mystics surrounding the alchemists back in the days, when science was considered magic. In our opinion, Yggdrasil has succeeded without comparison.


An interactive slot

Thanks to the possibility to balance your own bonuses with the Alchemist’s scale, you get the feeling of having a bit of control in the game. You can choose between having more multiplier bonuses, or larger wild spread. This also keeps the interest up when you play, because of the possibility to slightly re-make the game on your own.

With this, you can continue to play even if you’ve completed all of the levels once already. If you want to go again, you can always play it with a different balance. Also, the gameplay becomes much more interesting when you get to be a part of it and control it in a completely different way than usually.

With the bonuses, you can also enlarge the spreading, making the wild spreads even bigger and giving you more winnings for your spin. Considering there is over 15,000 possible combinations of wild spread, you will much likely want to play it through more than once.

How to play

The main goal of Alchymedes is to complete the different levels by getting line wins on every position. When one line is a winning line, the background of the symbols becomes golden and stays so, until all tiles in the background is golden and you pass the level.

Not only is Alchymedes nice to play, look at and follow – it’s also very nice to win at. With cash bets from €0.30 up to €60.00 and the RTP at 96.1% this slot is a really decent one. If you rather play with coins, the coin value is from 0.01 up to 2.00 and the max coin win is 300,000.

Even of you don’t play to win money, Alchymedes is a slot that is very pleasing to spend some time at just for fun. The thrilling story also makes you more eager to play a little longer, which suits the slot just fine since it has a volatility at 35. You get rewarded with smaller wins, and once in a while you get a really nice big win or multiplier bonus at the ending spin for the level you’re at.

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Alchemist’s scale

At the start of every level, there is also a bonus feature that can be triggered randomly. It gives out one of six possible rewards, such as additional wild patterns, coin wins payed put at the end of the level, more frequent and higher multiplier and so on. This, we think, is a welcoming extra rewarding detail, if you for example change the balance with the Alchemist’s scale to get more wild patterns but still want the chance of an extra multiplier bonus.

Wild patterns

For every new level, there is a new spreading pattern for the wilds. When one wild lands, it will spread as the pattern in the bar to the left of the slot shows. The wilds will start by spreading according to the pattern showed, starting from the red block where the wild appears. The rest is marked with blue, to show how the patterns looks and how it will spread. If some of the pattern is outside the reel, it gives no bonuses. Although, it quite nice when you get the main wild in the center of the reel and it spreads all over.

Multiplier Bonus

At every last spin for the level, there is a level completion multiplier which is awarded to the win that completes the golden background. When the last spin fills the last background with gold, the multiplier comes in to play. Between 1x and 5x can be added in the multiplier for each spin, and it’s capped at 100x. It would be pretty sweet to score that 100x, we think.

Enchanting gameplay

With you as a player being able to decide how you want your game, you feel welcomed and needed, a part of the story as well as a part of the quest for success. The Alchemist’s scale allows you to simply click away to the balance you wish. Of course, even the scale and the background has fantastic animations and graphics, keeping the feeling of a cold, dark cottage far into the woods, by a swamp, but in a nice way.

Stunning graphics

With five wheels and four lines horizontally, the reel is pleasing to use. To your right, you have the sizzling tube of multiplier potion. At the left side of the reel, there is the bowl of wild pattern potion and the meter for the amount of golden tiles. With the brown and grey earthy tones together with the bright blue, red and green, you really get the feeling of an alchemist in a creaky old cottage somewhere. The feeling is enhanced with the small details, such as the moving flames of the candles and the sizzling in the tubes, to make the slot even more enchanting.

The 16:9 resolution together with the iSense 2.0 platform and the Yggdrasil BOOST makes Alchymedes a really smooth slot to play. Short loading time, nice flow in the slots and smooth, neat graphics. The animations seems to be light as feathers – it’s well done without making the slot feel heavy to load.

Widely available

As with many other of Yggdrasil’s slots, the Alchymedes slot is widely available in both browsers and different platforms. It supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, on desktops, and with smartphones using iOS or Android. This makes you able to sit with it anywhere, with your smartphone or on your desktop computer. With Yggdrasil’s software and platforms behind the game, you can continue your Alchemist search on the device you want. Of course the Alchymedes slot is available in different languages as well. 26 of them, to be precise. This includes English, Spanish, Russian, German and Korean, as well as the Nordic languages and many others.

At the Copa

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At the Copa is a dance-inspired video slot from BetSoft which gives you the feeling of being at the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. There is salsa music, high heels, fancy cocktails and sand. It’s guaranteed to get you into a mode of summer, vacation and warm nights with live music.

We follow Carolina, the lady in a red dress and her two summer flirts Rico and Pedro. Both of which seem to be quite good dancers and charmers. In the slot, there is flamingos, maracas and chili peppers, along with drums, high heels and trumpets. Basically, all there is at a sandy vacation beach somewhere in a warm, sunny latino country. And trust us, you do not need to be a dancer just to play At the Copa.



How to play

The video slot has five reels with three rows. There is 30 paylines in total which you choose all by your own preferences how many you want to play at. At the side, you can hover your pointer at your computer to see which paylines is which. The minimum bet is 0.02 coins per payline. If you feel like betting higher, then you can bet up to 1 coin per bet. This makes it possible to bet anything from 0.02 coins at one bet, up to 150 bets with 1 coin per bet. If you prefer auto spin, there is a lot to chose from. Let the slot spin away from five up to 100 times by it self, so you can enjoy the music and drama that plays out.

There is a few extra features in At the Copa. For example, you get to choose which handsome flirt you want Caroline to dance with in the dance round bonus. There is also a wild function where the entire wheel number three becomes a wild. This is the ocean symbol and it also gives you a free spin. The free spin mode, also a bonus, is triggered when there is three or more dance shoes appears on the reel. This gives you between two and ten times the win, per spin.

Casinos where you can try At the Copa

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Player’s experience

Even if you may not be the biggest of fans when it comes to latino music and salsa, there is still a good chance you will like this slot. The details, the living feeling and the dance parts are just enchanting and really entertaining. It’s well made and really captures the feeling of being at the beach with the cocktails and the music.

The buttons for betting, coin values and paylines is too a part of the neat layout. Instead of boring button looking buttons, they are animated and with a golden touch to it. They stand on the dance floor by the sandy beach and with the angles it almost feels like they too are dancing.

The music and the colours works perfect together and they are creating a magic feeling of being exactly where the magic happens. And it doesn’t really get worse when Carolina in her beautiful red latino dress. She stands by the side watching the reels and sometimes she also takes a few dance steps. Very nice detail, we must say.

Bonus rounds and free spins

There is of course some bonuses in this slot as well. One of them is the dance bonus round, triggered by a Rico symbol and a Pedro symbol on each side of a Carolina symbol. This however, is only valid if they come in the right position at the three first wheels, numbers one, two and three. In the bonus round Carolina gets to dance with one of the hot latino flirts.

You choose between Rico and Pedro and the chosen one gets a dance with Caroline. Hope they make the dance without stepping on any toes, and see how many points the dancer wins. This points will be your win, so make sure to pick the one you think can dance the best! When the dance is started, the slot keeps spinning a few rounds, so you still have the possibility to win some extra coins and big wins.

If three or more shoe symbols is out on the reel, they trigger the free spin mode. It also doesn’t matter what position the symbols have, as long as it is on the reel. You can also score between one and ten times bonus with the free spin. This is valid for every spin in the free spin round.

Ocean wilds

The ocean symbol spins around in all the reels, doing the camouflaged thing that the wilds do. However, it makes the entire wheel a wild when stopping at the middle wheel, number three. There is lots of good things happening when an entire wheel is a wild, as you may understand. It makes it more likely to get a jackpot or more winning paylines. Sometimes the wild even spread, to be a wild in each side. This also makes it a little easier to score more paylines and getting a big win.

Progressive jackpots

Yes, At the Copa contains progressive jackpots. Not one, not two, but three of them. They are called Suave jackpot, Mediano jackpot and Caliente jackpot. The first one, the Suave, is triggered by having five chili symbols somewhere on the reel. Position is not important here. In the second jackpot, the Mediano jackpot, is on if you have five chili symbols on lines two and three. The Caliente jackpot is the third and you will only win this when all five chili symbols are on payline number one.

Stunning graphics

As we made clear earlier, the gameplay is no joke. It’s well made with many details that together makes an over all impression of a hot beach in Rio de Janeiro. The graphics are no joke either. All details are high quality and spotless with beautiful colours. The animations are as well as the graphics stunning and everything runs exceptionally smooth. The wheels spin without trouble, Carolina dances perfectly and the symbols shows up really neat. BetSoft has really put in some time and effort in this slot and it really shows. With other words the graphics, animations and sound effects are great and well balanced.

Mobile solutions

If you feel like playing on different units then fear not, since At the Copa can be played in both browsers and in mobile versions. The slot is at least as appealing and impressive in the mobile version, much thanks to BetSoft’s premium ToGo platform. None of the Copacabana feeling is lost if played on you smartphone or tablet, we promise you will get the sandy hot feeling on the bus, as well as in the couch a rainy day!

Butterfly Staxx

For all you slots lovers there is news to be announced! You might have heard it already, but we are so excited and we want to share this again. There is a new slot from NetEnt about to launch, and it’s filled with magic and wonders! In June the 21st it launches all over and you will be able to play it.

It’s of course the slot Butterfly Staxx that we are waiting for! It’s a version of the classic Neon Staxx slot that has a bit of extra magic and wonder in it. The slot is amazingly well done and the animations are very well done as well. It features 3D effects and you get to see the tokens spin around when you win. Indeed, it’s a well-made slot from the gaming gigant NetEnt.


How to play

Butterflies and flowers spins next to the classic symbols as J, Q, K and A in this mystical video slot. There is a lot going on at the same time, but it still manages to be very lean and easy to watch while you play. In the background you’ll see the mountains that surround Butterfly Valley and all over there is small light dots that flies around. All this, together with the beautiful sound effects and the bright shining tree on the sides, creates a magic experience.

The slot offers a five reel, four rows and 40 fixed paylines, which you automatically play simultaneously. It offers the possibility to play small at £0.02, all the way up to £400 if you want to go bigger. There is in total 10 levels to bet at, and the coin value goes from 0.01 up to 2.00. With this, you have a lot of possibilities to adapt the bet just as you wish to play.

As the names tells, the butterflies plays a big part in this slot. The shiny butterflies is actually the symbol that has the highest value. The wilds are a flower with the name Wild, and the scatter is a flower with Scatter written over it. The wild will, as a wild does, become the symbol needed to create a winning combination.

Free spins and Re-spins

There is also a feature called a Re-spin. This is a lighter version of the free spins and will only spin until there is no more triggering symbols. The Re-spin comes from a stack of butterflies covering a reel. The entire reel must be covered for it to be triggered. Once the wheel is filled the butterflies will fly to the first reel and fill up that. The Re-spin starts and if there is more butterflies on the reels after the spin, they will also fly to the left hand side. This will trigger a new re-spin and the process is repeated. Once there is no more butterflies after the new re-spin, the turn will end. The points will be counted together and the more butterflies you have, the larger amount of coins you will get.

The free spins are a bit different. This comes from getting three scatter symbols in one single spin, which will trigger the free spin mode. During the free spins mode, or the butterfly soins as they also are called, there will be a cocoon symbol added to the reel. If they turn into a butterfly, all the other butterflies on the reels will collect at the left hand side again. The butterflies will remain in this position until the bonus round is over.


Regarding the RTP of Butterfly Staxx, the number for this magic video slot is a stunning 96.80%, which places Butterfly Staxx among one of the slots with higher RTP. This makes it exiting and rewarding for the players, as well as magical once you get to experience it. Even though it has been said to launch at June 21st, Unibet Casino already has it among their games. If you really want to try it out, make sure to check it out at Unibet Casino. You can play both for free and with real money – whatever suits you best.

Available for mobile devices

Once it launches it will be available for mobile devices as well. This is thanks to NetEnt and their way of making theis slots HTML5-based to enhance the experience even more. It will be available for mobile phones, tablets and other devices, as well as for the web. So, keep your eyes open for Butterfly Staxx at your favourite online casino at June 21st, or go check it out at Unibet Casino tight now!

Divine Fortune

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With the launch of the NetEnt slot Divine Fortune, the leading provider of digital gaming solutions has broadened the diversity of its jackpot game portfolio. Divine Fortunde is a five-reel, 20-line, three-row video slot, which goes back in time to ancient Greece – with its mythical creatures, legendary riches and golden coins.

Since the launch of the first NetEnt jackpot in 2001, the global jackpot games from NetEnt regularly has produced life-changing, multi-million euro wins for players all around the world. Divine Fortune complements the existing NetEnt game portfolio perfectly – with the addition of the local jackpot in this new slot, more operator-specific prices can and will be offered.



How to play

Divine Fortune really isn’t ground breaking in its foundations, being the five-reel, three-row slot game it is. It has a 20 pay-line format, and the high fixed RTP of 96,69% – which isn’t affected by how high or low your bet is, the RTP is mathematically always the same. However, NetEnt has indicated that it is easier to win the highest of the three progressive jackpots with a higher bet, and that the overall value of the two smaller jackpots are linked to bet size as well. This makes this slot a gold mine for the high rollers, since the slot in other words provide bigger jackpots for higher bets.

Casinos where you can try Divine Fortune

With few exceptions, all casinos offering NetEnt slots will have Divine Fortune as one of the pick in the games portfolio. You can find a few selected casinos below where we can recommend that you try out Divine Fortune at.

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Free spins, bonus games and wilds

The slot has four main functions to it – wild symbols, re-spins, free spins and the jackpot bonus.
The wild symbol in this game is the mythological Pegasus, the white be-winged horse. In the slot, the wild symbols can fill different functions, depending where on the game-board they appear. In the base game, the wilds are walking – which means that if you get a wild on the first row, it will go down to the second row at your next spin. It will continue to go down and out of the game board as you spin, and you get a re-spin for every spin where the wild is still on the screen. The re-spins will start automatically, and will go on until all wilds are out of the screen. In the re-spin mode you can’t change the bet, but it will stay the same as it was when the re-spins started. If you’re in luck, you can get a wild on wild – which makes the wild expand over the entire row, giving you even more re-spins and chances to win!

The free spins in this slot are triggered by special free spin symbol on the reels. If you get three or more on the game board, you’ll activate free spins – how many depends on the amount of free spin symbols you got. During the free spin mode, all wilds are expanding. Unfortunately, you can’t trigger more free spins when you’re in the free spin mode already, but you can trigger free spins during the re-spin mode.

The jackpot bonus

Since Divine Fortune has a progressive jackpot, the grand prize will change as long as people are playing the slot. The big jackpot is called Mega, and you can follow its rising on the screen while playing. There are also two smaller jackpots for you to win, called Minor and Major. In order to take home a jackpot, you’ll have to collect three golden coins in the urn that you’ll have to the right on the screen. You collect them as you play -and as soon as you have collected three, or more, golden coins the hunt for the jackpot begins.

When playing for the jackpot, the mission is to fill the entire game board with golden coins. The amount of coins you had collected when the jackpot game started will already be on the board when the hunt for the jackpots start. If you fill one row with coins you get the Minor jackpot, two rows for the Major jackpot and three rows of coins will get you the Mega bonus!

Theme and graphics

NetEnt has some truly groundbreaking slots on the market graphics wise, and the graphics for Divine Fortune is just as high quality as you would expect.  This isn’t the most dramatic visual slot we have seen from the Swedish slot wizards – but this doesn’t mean that it is in any way bad. Divine Fortune is a very entertaining and pretty game, even though it doesn’t have the big 3D animation like Gonzo’s Quest and other popular NetEnt slots have. Instead, this slot has a classically presented theme to it rather than a dramatic or try-hard one. The audio is well produced and subtile, but with nice sound effects fot the main pay characters, wilds and bonus scatters. Overall, the theme is very attractive and beautiful –  but it doesn’t draw any attention from the game itself


NetEntertainment are known for producing slots that also works on mobile devices. Divine Fortune is available to play on desktop as well as on mobile or tablet devices. The mobile version of the game contains all of the same functions and effect as the desktop version does – so you won’t miss out on any of the experience because you’re not playing on desktop.

Gonzo’s Quest

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Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular slot machines on many online casinos, surely you have heard of it. Otherwise, you will get to know Gonzo very well now. Some games becomes successes immediately and Gonzo’s Quest is one of them. Today it is one of the top slots in Net Entertainments portfolio of games. This game is a bit different from others, it has a Avalanche feature where symbols falls down into the reels instead of a traditional spin. The game starts out with the true story of Gonzalo Pizarro and his quest for gold, he is looking for Eldorado. Eldorado is known for the lost city of gold and is supposed to be located somewhere I South America. Gonzo went looking for it in the jungle with only a map in his hands.

Screenshot of Gonzo's Quest


How to play

Gonzo’s Quest consists of five reels and twenty fixed pay-lines. With fixed pay-lines it means that you automatically are playing on each and everyone of them. The symbols falls down to their place and a winning line starts an Avalanche, it means that the symbols in the winning pay-line explodes and new symbols falls down. With every winning avalanche the win gets higher. Next to the slot there is a multiplier, it starts at x1 and moves up x5 during a main game. In free spins the multiplier can go up to x15, which means that several avalanches in a row can really make you score really high. When you lose the value goes down to x1 again and starts over.

What you win also depends on what settings you have on your bet level and coin value. The lowest coin value is to play €0,01 on one pay-line in bet level 1, which is the minimum bet. The highest bet is €0,5 on twenty pay-lines in bet level 5, which then of course is the maximum bet in one spin or fall. To win in Gonzo’s Quest your symbols has to be in a winning line from left to right. It is the highest win per pay-line that gets paid, but every win on each pay-line is also paid.

Casinos where you can try Gonzo’s Quest

The casino below is some of the ones who offer this slot machine in their game section. Press one of the links and you can try it out!

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Free spins, bonus games and wilds

There are two symbols in this slot who can help you increase your win. One scatter symbol and one wild symbol. The scatter symbols are called Free fall symbols in this game, and they substitute for all symbols in the slot. If you get three free fall symbols from the reel furthest to the left you will be rewarded with ten Free falls. A winning line during a Free fall works exactly like in the main game, and starts an avalanche. In the Free falls the multiplier raises for each avalanche and you can win even more Free falls during a Free fall. The wild symbol substitute for all symbols, and takes the place of a symbol if there is a chance to win on the pay-lines that it is connected to.


The symbols in this slot is shaped as stone carvings which is reminiscent of ancient South American cultures. They all have different values and are in different colors, from lowest to highest value; light blue, red, orange, purple, brown, green and blue. The wild symbol is a grey stone with a question mark on it. The Free fall symbol is a golden stone. On all stones there are a masks or animals that derive from the Inca population. There is a combination of old and new with all the historical theme that meets the more moderns animations and 3D effects.

When the game begins Net Entertainment has as usual made an introduction with a video to let you know how Gonzo ended up in the jungle. There is fantastic graphics and Gonzo is a nice little fella. He is wearing a helmet, pants with stripes and knee high boots and stands next to the slot all the time. Sometimes he’s checking his map or collecting coins in his helmet when you get a big win. The soundtrack to the slot increase the feeling of real rocks falling down and getting smashed. There is also a feature where Gonzo celebrates if you win, by doing a little dance for you.

Suitable for high rollers

This slot is suitable for high rollers just because you can choose yourself how much you want to play on each spin. The maximum bet is €100 in one spin, which can make this slot specially interesting for high rollers. This game is probably a favorite one for the player in 2013 who managed to beat all the former records on the slots avalanche function and won €152 055. We mentioned the multiplier before and the winner had the amazing x15 when the last avalanche was down.

Game developer & mobile

The slot is created by Net Entertainment and is therefore available for mobile devices also. The game has a repayment percentage of 96%, which makes it one of NetEnts slots with the highest repayment for the players. With this repayment percentage you often get small payouts. One of the reasons this slot has become so popular is the fact that it is simple to play, with the avalanches who was a new kind of feature when it came, of course the graphics when it is a NetEnt product and at last your constantly getting payouts.

This is a game that will keep players entertained for a while but there is also commonly known that it takes a while to get a big win at this slot. To get a chance for extra win you should check out some of the online casinos tournaments. Gonzo’s Quest is often a part of the companies slots tournaments, which gives you a chance for some extra wins. If you feel like trying out this slot you often get free spins on this game when you become a member at a site.

Good Girl Bad Girl

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Good Girl Bad Girl is the slot that has both the angel and the devil in it. Choose between the good side, the bad side, or remain neutral. Betsoft sure has not saved anything in this slot, and you can tell. Fantastic graphics, interesting gameplay and sound effects that makes you feel the excitement. There is a nice flying angel to the left, a mean flying devil to the right. In the reel there is white rabbits, angry cats, Money Wheels, symbols for the high cards, good and bad wilds and a lot of excitement. No matter what side you choose to be on both the devil and the angel will cheer for you when you win.



How to play

The slot consists of five reels with three rows in each. There is 15 paylines and you can choose how many you want to bet at. The minimum bet per payline is 0.02 coins, and the highest bet is 1 coin per payline. You can make up to five bets per payline. The lowest cash bet is at €0.04 total, and the highest is at €150. This gives you much room to decide just how much you want to play for and how you want to place your bet.

The good side can only win at the paylines from left to right, and vice versa. The paylines at the bad side can only be won from right to left. However, if you play in neutral mode, you can score from both ways. This gives you the possibility to score 15 lines from right to left, as well as 15 lines from left to right.

Casinos where you can try Good Girl Bad Girl

With few exception, all casinos offering Betsoft’s games will have Good Girl Bad Girl. Here is some of the casinos you can play it at.

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Good or Bad

This is what makes this slot different from the other. Here, you can choose not only if you’re an angel or a devil. You can also choose how you want the slot to behave, how you like to win. The good side with the angel gives you wins more often. Here you win quite small, but also quite often. You can also get away with smaller bets by betting on fewer paylines on the good side, since you will win a little more often.

I you choose to play for the bad side and cheer for the devil to win, you might want to play on more paylines. The chances of winning here is a tad smaller, but the rewards are bigger. Therefor, it might be wise to play on more paylines at the bad side, and a fewer on the good side of you want to get the most out of your wins from your bet.

Of course, you can do a combination of the two and play as neutral. You therefor play with both the good and the bad paylines, giving you 15 paylines from right to left, and 15 paylines from left to right. Here you can win both small but often, and big but seldom. This setting is recommended, if you want to win as much as possible. As long as you can place bets at many paylines and can stand the thought of cheering for both sides, that is. Otherwise, choose the side you feel will be the best for you.

Free Spins and Coin Toss

The only free spins in-game is the ones you score from the bonus wheel. This can however be quite nice, since you also have the chance to win score instead of free spins. The jackpots are also in the wheel and if you play at the good side’s wheel, you are guaranteed a win that might be a few free spins, as well as a jackpot. If the wheel stays as Free Spins, the slot will continue automatically for the amount of spins that you won.

There is also a feature with a coin toss in the slot. This sometimes becomes available and gives you the opportunity to choose the side you hope for in a simple game of coin toss. Choose your side, flip the coin, hope for it to en up well for you and you might get to collect an extra score.

Click Me bonus game

The Click Me-part is another nice feature. Sometimes, you get the chance of picking between boxes from the two sides. First you get to choose if you want boxes from the good side, or if you want the ones from the bad side. There is four boxes to choose from at both sides, so don’t be afraid to miss out. All four are wrapped in gold at the good side, and the devil’s red and black at the bad side. One or two of them will have a beam of light shining over them and depending on what side it is this means different things.

When choosing between the four boxes, you might want to know what to expect. The shining boxes on the angel’s side has either small or medium winnings and the ones without light has either a big win or a collect. The boxes at the bad side goes by the same principle, but the other way around. Here you have the chance of smaller winnings from the boxes without a light. The big winnings and the collects comes from the boxes with a light.

At both sides you have the chance to win from the boxes more than once. You can continue to choose between the boxes in more than one round, if you choose the right ones. Three out of four boxes contains a score, but the fourth one contains both a score and a text that says End Feature. This ends the round and you are no longer to pick more boxes right now. If lucky, you got a few boxes with wins in them and at the end they all come together to give you a hopefully big win.

Fantastic Graphics

Good Girl Bad Girl has a fantastic graphic, as always when it comes to slots from Betsoft. The many details makes the experience outstanding. The flying devil and angel teasing each other, and the animations at the symbols in the reel and the playful extra details in the bonus games. It’s simply pleasing for all your senses available, and it enchants you for a long time. The animations are spotless and the reels spins just perfectly smooth.

Mobile devices

As with the other slots from Betsoft, Good Girl Bad Girl is easily available on mobile devices. There is no compromising the experience and the slot is as intense on a small screen as in full screen on a desktop. The slot is available for most mobile devices, thanks to Betsoft’s own software ToGo that allows a great experience no matter how you choose to play.

Guns N’ Roses

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Guns N’ Roses is one of the latest rocking videoslots from Net Entertainment. It’s created to celebrate the 20 years of innovative game developing by NetEnt and the 30 years celebration of Guns N’ Roses. The slot is part of their rock campaign which contains three games that are inspired from the rock world. The game is made in cooperation with Bravado International Group and contains several features and special effects.

You can choose from five different of the bands top hits that will play in the background while you’re enjoying the game. The songs you get to hear in the slot are; Sweet child of mine, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Chinese Democracy and of course November Rain. This feature is the first time where you can choose your music yourself in a slot and we like it a lot. If you get a big win you also get to see a clip from one of the bands live shows which most certainly contributes to a real rock experience. Besides that there is also a confetti feature when a real big win appears, confetti is shooting out and raining down the slot, that makes you feel like you are in the audience at on of their concerts.

Screenshot of Guns n' Roses Slot


How to play

Guns N’ Roses of course has all the things that you can expect from a videoslot with a rock theme. In this slot there is five wheels and twenty fixed pay-lines. With the fixed lines you automatically are playing on each line and you can focus on the game even more. You can change and choose a few things yourself in this game. The first in is the level you would like to play on, you can chose between the levels from 1-10. The second thing is to decide your coin value. The coin value starts at 0.01 and goes up to 1.00. With these to features to set up you can go from a minimal bet on €0.20 to a maximum bet on €200 per spin. Including in the game is three different kinds of wild symbols, three kinds of bonus games and two free spins features.

Casinos where you can try Guns N’ Roses

You can find a few selected casino below where we recommend you to try out Guns N’ Roses at.

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Free spins, bonus games and wilds

As we have mentioned this game contains a huge amount of features and effects and we thought we would go through them all to help you understand them all. Let’s start out with the different kinds of wilds. The wild symbols can appear on every wheel and works as substitute for all other symbols except for the bonus symbols. The wild symbols will take the place where the symbol with the highest value would be.

There is also expanding wilds and an Appetite for Destruction Wild. The expanding wild symbol can spread across the wheels to increase the win. The biggest and rare one is the Appetite for Destruction Wild. That wild symbol is a big cross and needs much space on the slots to be able to fit and appear. The cross can appear fully or partially on the slot in the main game. When it appears, it also takes the place as the highest value symbols.

The bonus wheel

If you get three bonus symbols full or partially anywhere on the first, third and fifth wheel you will receive a bonus. There are three different bonuses that you can get; Encore Free Spin, Crowd-Pleaser Bonus game or simply a coin win. How many coins you’ll win depends on what the wheel says. To win you press the stop button on the wheel when it is spinning and it will stop and say what bonus that have been activated. The Encore Free spin activates 10 free spins immediately and the members in Guns N’ Roses will appear as stacked wilds in the second, third or fourth wheel.


If you get the chance to play the bonus game Crowd-Pleaser you get to play a pick&click game. Here it is up to you to choose among different instruments and behind them there are different things to win. What you can win is either coin win or free spins. The game has three levels and if you get a free spin symbol during each level you have won ten free spins. If you get the free spin symbol you also get a new chance on picking an instrument on each level. You have a total of 8 picks, and they can be used in the different levels if you progress to the next level.

So to simplify, you win coins on each level and you have the chance to collect three free spin symbols. To progress to the next level you have to collect a certain amount of coins. In level 1 one you need to reach 60 coins to get to level 2. And in level 2 you need 300 coins to reach the last level. Totally in the three levels you can get maximum 800 coins. If that doesn’t sound good enough your winnings also can randomly double after the bonus game if you have reached the 800 coins.

Solo Multiplier

If you thought this was it you are wrong, there is one final feature in Guns N’ Roses. The Solo Multiplier is a extra chance to raise your winnings. You’ll need at least three symbols that are the same in the same pay-line to activate the solo multiplier. When the features activates your winnings can be multiplied from 4 times up to 10 times. Every pay-line is multiplied in this feature during the spin when it is activated, and you have to chance to win really big in this one.

Stunning graphics

Since the slot is produced by Net Entertainment the graphics are as usual amazing. The symbols is nicely made to fit into the rock profile. They are shaped like guitars, LP discs, guitar plectrums, album covers and of course like the band members. The band members are portrayed both as ordinary symbols in the main game, but also as wild symbols or stacked wilds. The Appetite for Destruction wild shapes the iconic Guns N’ Roses cross from the album cover.

When the bonus wheel is activated it takes the shape of an old record player with a record playing. The symbols together with the appearance of the slot really makes you feel your inner rocker. The slot is made like it has a stage behind it to make you feel like you are at a concert. The sound is great and the five songs you can choose from increases the concert feeling. This slot you definitely should play with a high volume and on a full screen to maximize the emotions.


Net Entertainment is one the top developers when it comes to producing games that also works on mobile devices. Guns N’ Roses is also available on smartphones and tablets, which means you can play the slot everywhere. If you want to try out the game you can play it at Casumo or Cashmio.

Jurassic World

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Microgaming is one of the big game developers on the online casino market, and they managed to sign a deal with Universal Studios – giving them the rights to develp a slot based on the Jurassic World movie! The Jurassic World film was a huge success two years ago, and now it’s up to you to decide wherther the slot is ecually awesome!

Microgaming announced the slot back in Febryary 2016, and since then we have all been waiting. By the looks of it though – the slot has been well worth the wait! With 243 ways to win, three different bonus rounds and charachters from the movie – you’re bound to a great casino experience with the Jurassic World slot from Microgaming!



How to play

The slot does contain stunning graphics from the movie, so if you have seen Jurrasic World – you will probably recognize the surroundings. But there will be more to this slot than what meets the eye.

The Jurassic World slot is expected to offer 243 ways to win over 5 reels – because that’s what Microgaming will go for when creating a Blockbuster casino game. From the Bridesmaids game, to Terminator 2 – 243 ways to win is obviously the way to go according to Microgaming. The slot is customizable, and comes with different options for audio, graphic settings, coin value, max bets, quick- and auto play.

The slot includes plenty of differens features, wilds being one of them. The wilds comes in the shape of the Jurassic World logo. These can replace any symbols on the reels in order to create winning combinations, except from the scatter symbols. The scatter symbols are true to the original Jurassic movies, being a mosquito trapped in amber. If two scatter symbols appear in the base game they will turn into wilds, and if three or more appear at the same time – the free spin mode will be triggered.

Casinos where you can try Jurassic World

With few exception, all casinos offering Microgaming slots will offer Jurassic World after its release. You can find a few selected casinos below, where you will be able to find the brand new slot!

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Multiple free spin bonus games

If the graphics and effects of the Jurassic World slot isn’t enough to impress you – maybe the bonus games can. These will be unlocked by three or more scatter symbols on the screen, which will take you to the free spin feature. As the cherry on the top, the Jurassic World slot will offer not one – but three different free spins bonus games!

If you have seen the movie, the locations of these bonus games will be rather farmiliar. When three scatters has appeared on the screen, you will get to choose between the three different bonus games – taking place in the Gyrosphere Valley, Raptor Den or the Creation Lab. The Gyrosphere Valley bonus Games comes with stacked wilds and a multiplier trail of up tp 10x. The Raptor Den bonus game offers scatter wilds as well as sticky scatters. And finally, the Creation Lab bonus games will give you sticky wilds and cascading reels. You will even get to choose for yourself where you want the free spin bonus game to take place!

The Indominus Rex Bonus

The Indominus Rex is the core of the Jurassic World movie. As the latest attraction in Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex was designed by combining genetics traits of multiple species – making it the most terrifying dinosaur the world has ever seen. We will not spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it – but let’s just say that a genetically designed dinosaur wasn’t the best idea ever.

In the Jurassic World slot on the other hand, the Indominous Rex does come in quite handy for the player. It has gotten its very own feature, which can be triggered in the base game. The Indominous Rex feature can be activated when you win 3x to 5x your stake during the main game. If the Indominus Rex would pitch, you can win a whopping 1000x your line bet!

Koi Princess

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Koi is the slot for you who daydream about going all the way of to Asia. This videoslot is produced by amazing Net Entertainment and has an asian theme. With this slot you don’t have to travel all the way over there, you can experience it from home! If you besides that like slots that includes a lot of features, this one is for you. Net Entertainment themselves says that Koi Princess is their slot with most features ever and in the game it is a lot of surprises to discover.

Koi Princess Screenshot


How to play Koi Princess

This videoslot contains five reels on three lines with twenty pay-lines. The pay-lines are fixed which means that you automatically plays on all of them during each spin. You can change the level that you play on between level 1 to level 10. To increase the maximum win even more you can change the coin value. The coin value starts at 0.01 and you can raise it up to 1.00. If you set the highest coin value with the highest level you have reached your maximum bet. Your bet can therefore go from the lowest €0.20 up to the highest that is €200 in one spin. You need to play on the maximum bet at least two spin in a row to keep it at that level.

The highest win you can get in only one spin is incredibly one hundred thousand coins! Not bad. There is one more thing that you can decide yourself and it is the chance of getting feature. Yes, it is true. If you activate the feature Bonus Bet the chance of a random feature gets much higher. The only thing you need to know if you activate the feature, is that your maximum bet raises to €400. It means that to get the extra feature you have to pay more. But since this slot has a lot of feature it might be worth spending a little extra to win big.

Casinos where you can try Koi Princess

As with most NetEnt slots, Koi Princess is featured at all casinos offering NetEnt slots. Below you can find some of our selected casinos where we recommend that you try Koi Princess.

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Free spins, bonus games and wilds

Yes the features are many and we are going to explain all of them to you so that you will be able to get the most of your playing at Koi Princess. The first one is the Random Feature, which you can hear appear randomly at any time. There are four different random features that can be activated during your spin; 5-hit, Wild Reels, Random Wilds and a Bonus game.

  • 5-hit – The player is rewarded with 1 spin with a guaranteed 5-symbol win with a random symbol and bet line.
  • Wild Reels – awards the player 1 spin where 2 to 5 random reels are covered with only overlay wild symbols.
  • Random Wild – awards the player 1 spin with 4 to 9 overlay wilds placed randomly in the reels.
  • Bonus Game – awards the player 1 spin where 3 bonus symbols are presented with 1 bonus feature randomly activated.

The bonus wheel

As you read above you can get awarded with a bonus game when a random feature is activated. But you can also during a spin get three bonus symbols that will activate it. When the bonus game is activated you will get one of four bonuses. The four different bonus features are; Wild Reels Free Spins, Sure Win Free Spins, Coin Win and a Bonus Wheel. As you can read there are a lot of features that gives you a new feature.

In the Sure Win Free Spin you automatically win 10 free spins where you win on each spin. In the Wild Reels Free Spin you also get 10 free spins but here 1 to 5 reels will be covered in wild symbols. Their position and how many there are will change for each spin. The coin win as you can tell is coins. The last feature is the bonus wheel which is another bonus game that activates. This features is a little bit special, you can win one of the three bonuses mentioned above, or you can win one of four new and different coin wins. The coin win that are in the wheel are; Double Up, Collect, Arrow or Jackpot Coin Win.

Koi Feature

Except for all of the features above, there is one final one. It is a random feature that consists of three Koi fishes that are jumping up from the water below the slot. They jump up and they all say “pick me”, and now you have to choose one of them who will give you an extra win. Among the different thing the fishes can do, there is a feature where the fish transform the symbols on the reels to wild symbols. It is a wheel with different symbols that decides which symbol it should transform into.

The surprises are plenty

The thing that makes this slot stand out is all the extra features, surprises and chances to big wins that you’ve just read about. When you play this slot it doesn’t take long until some extra effect happens and have you activated the Bonus Bet it happens a lot more often than usually. The many chances of winning free spins of course increases the tension even more. While the reels are spinning the random features can be activated which makes the playing unpredictable, but in a good way due to all the extra profit you can get from the features. If you like to constantly be surprised and also get big wins you should play Koi Princess!


The symbols are made in a way that the manga fans will feel like home. There are symbols shaped like the 3 lucky coins, a three legged frog (Money-Toad), A Fu-lion and more. The wild symbols are shape like a wave and the bonus symbol contains a dragon. Net Entertainment has truly embraced the asian theme in an incredibly way. Koi Princess is also available to play on mobile devices. It is optimized for the NetEnt Touch and therefore works on all mobile touch screen devices and tablets. The mobile slot contains all the same features that are made for the desktop version which means that you don’t miss out if you play on your phone. The game is easy to play on your phone, which isn’t a huge surprise since Net Entertainment put a lot of effort into making games that are optimized for smartphones and tablets. If you feel like trying out this game you can do that at Casumo or Cashmio.

Net Entertainment keeps surprising

As you probably can tell by now, the features were many in this videoslot. Net Entertainment is famous for their great graphics and creativity in all of their games, and that is also true when it comes to Koi Princess. Next to the slot there is w waterfall, a temple and of course, the Koi princess. The asian theme is very nice made by NetEnt and the game is as good as the rest of their games in their portfolio.

Mega Fortune

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Mega Fortune is the game that offers the largest pooled jackpot on the market and is probably one of the most well known slots online. Every time someone is playing at the slot the progressive jackpot called Mega increases. It is developed by Net Entertainment and it offers a luxury theme that reveals what the players gonna get when they hit the win of their dreams. Except for the extreme jackpot, there is also two local jackpots. 2013 the jackpot was incredibly €17,8 millions when it was won by a player in Finland. It was a new record in the history of slot machines and even got a place in Guinness book of world records. Mega Fortune is a slot that could make you incredibly rich with a little bit of luck. Maybe you are the next person to break the record on this one?

Mega Fortune Screenshot


How to play

This slot consists of five reels and twenty five pay-lines. You can choose among four bet levels and set a coin value between €0,01 and €0,5. You also choose how many of the twenty five pay-lines that you want to play on. Only the highest win get paid, even if you win on several pay-lines. The maximum bet is €50 if you play with the highest coin value, all pay-lines and on level four. The symbol with the highest value is the racer boat, five boats in a row give you 10 000 coins. The limousine gets a second place with 1000 coins for five in a row. The repayments percentage in this slot is as always when it comes to slots from NetEnt high, 96,4.

Casinos where you can try Mega Fortune

We recommend you to try out this slot on one of the casino below!

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Free spins, bonus games and wilds

In this videoslot there are a lot of features that will help you increase your money. Let’s start with the scatter symbols. The scatter symbols will always pay you after how many symbols there are. If you get three of them, you also get some free spins. When you get three of them you have to click on one of the scatter symbols that will reveal how many free spins you have won. Once you have gotten your free spins, a multiplier is shown.

The multiplier will multiple your wins during the free spins, it will multiple with lowest x2 and highest x5. The multiplier does not work if you should win several free spins during a free spin. If you get two or more scatter symbols during a free spins you will either win more free spins, or your multiplier will get a higher level. The wild symbol in Mega Fortune is the racer boat that we already mentioned. The racer boat is a substitute for all the other symbols except for the scatter symbols, if a winning combination is possible.

Bonus Game

If you get more then three bonus symbols, from left to right, you can get the chance to play a bonus game. This is what you really want to happen when you play this slot. In the bonus game you will get a huge spinning wheel in front of you, the wheel consists of two smaller wheels on top of it. When the first and outer wheel spins, you can decide when you want it to stop. You can either win money or the wheel can stop on an arrow, which points in to the next wheel. In the next wheel the money prizes has increased, and you can win the same prizes here.

If you land on the arrow on this wheel to, you now have the chance on the big win, the only thing that you have been waiting for. The wheel furthest in will give you a huge money win or the Mega jackpot. To win the Mega jackpot you have to be playing on all twenty five pay-lines. You could definitely call this wheel the “wheel of fortune”. As soon as you win on one of the wheels the bonus game end, so of course you want it to go all the way in to the last wheel.

Three jackpots

In the bonus game you can win one of three progressive jackpots. They are called Rapid, Major and Mega. Mega is the only one who is connected to the network from Net Entertainment. The other two builds up form the player at the casino that you are playing at. While Mega is build by the players from all of the sites, that’s why the jackpot can grow to become so extremely huge. When it is shared by several casinos it also means that the winner can be a player from any of the casinos. The Mega jackpot, as we have mentioned, increases with every spin played in any casino, in any part of the world.

It is won on an average every 14 weeks and the average payout exceeds 4 000 000 euros. The two smaller jackpots, Rapid and Major, increases every time someone at the casino plays at the slot. It can vary a lot depending on which casino you play at, if the jackpot has been won in a few hours or a few weeks ago. Therefore you should search a little among the different casinos to see which of them that currently offer the largest Rapid and Major jackpots for maximum value.

Graphics & mobile

The theme in this slot is luxury and vanity. The symbols are all shaped like things connected to a rich and fancy lifestyle. Champagne bottles, bundles, designer watches, diamond rings, limousines and racing boats are all battling for the positions on the slot. The champagne bottles are the scatter symbols, and the wild symbols are the race boats. As always Net Entertainment deliver a graphic that is nice and smooth to the eye. The excitement is made in both sound, graphics and of course the feeling that you might win the jackpot. The slot is also available on mobile devices, which mean that you can score from everywhere!