Winter Berries

Winter Berries was launched by Yggdrasil in January last year and it really captures the beauty of winter. White snow, blue skies, trees covered in snow and bright colored berries as items on the reel. Combine that with beautiful, twinkling music and howling winds and you have an enchanting slot with great gameplay, filled with a ton of winter magic. It’s a pleasure to spin and play, again and again.

How to play

Winter Berries has five reels which gives you 25 fixed paylines to play automatically, all at the same time. The cash bet is between €0.25 and €125, reaching between 0.01 coins and 5 coins. This is a big span with many variations and it makes it easy for you to play and bet however and how much you want. You can also see how the paylines are set up, simply by hovering with your mouse over the squares at the sides. This shows the paylines numbered from one to 25 and it’s quite interesting to see what patterns and paylines there is in-game. They also light up when winning at, so you can see for yourself what row you won.

Free spins and bonus games

There is two special features of Winter Berries. One is the freeze and spin, the other is the column bonus. The freeze and spin makes identical items freeze, if there’s enough of them at the same time in the reel. Freezed items stays on the reel while the rest spins again, as a sort of a free spin. The other feature is the column multiplier bonus, which gives you two, three, four or five times the score depending on how much of the screen are filled with ice.

The game experience

Winter Berries has kind of a playful feel too it, making you feel like a small child experiencing the winter wonderland for the first time. It’s full of hope and every spin you do is filled with anticipation and enchantment. The background is beautiful as well, with the Northerns Lights in the sky and the stars around it. Even the sound reminds of a beautiful winter landscape, much like the ones in a kids movie. There is howling winds and twinkly, playful sounds which together makes you feel cosy and safe. It gives you the feeling of being at home or in a cottage, with the winter storms flying outside in the cold and clear air. At the same time, it’s warm and safe inside, where you might be under a blanket. The sound effects are, as you may have understood by now, very well done by Yggdrasil’s sound artists. Both Yggdrasil and their sound artists have made a great job creating this gameplay that you’ll like being a part of.

Freeze spins

One of the two special feature in this slot is the freeze and re-spin. Sometimes, some of the same items on the reel freezes and get buried in ice. This triggers a free spin, but with the freezed items staying in their positions. If more items identically to the ones in ice drops at the reel after the free spin, they also freezes, triggering yet another free spin. This continues to build up and can grow to be all over the screen. This then gives you the Big Win, combined with the column bonus. On the other hand, if there is no more items as the ones in ice after a free spin, the growing stops. You still get you win though, no need to fear a loss here. The best is of course to get the entire screen filled and once you get some parts freezed, you are much likely to clamp your thumbs in hope for it to spread so you get that Big Win!

Column Bonus

The other special feature in Winter Berries is the the column multiplier that gives you 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x you score. The columns decide what the multiplier bonus will be, and if scored at all of them, you will get a Big Win. The column bonus kicks in when a full row is covered with ice, which means three items vertically. When the three rows of the first three reels consists of nothing but freezed items, you get the three times bonus. The slot will spin again as a free spin after this, if one or more identical items popped up on the last spin and therefor got freezed, just like the freeze spin works. When all rows at all reels is freezed, being the entire screen, the 5x bonus kicks in and that’s when you get your long wanted Super Mega Big Win, the one making it even more exciting. Seeing the iced items building up is really enchanting and makes you even more into the game. When the free spins keep on ticking, we guarantee you will start cheering a little bit for it to continue.

Play smooth and clear

The video slot runs exceptionally smooth and there is not much loading time at all. Winter Berries was originally not designed using the iSense 2.0 platform from Yggdrasil, but it was recently adapted and moved to it from the older version, just like many of their older slots. This is a big reason for the smooth experience and with the 16:9 game resolution, there is no doubt this is a well-made game, easy and pleasing for the players to use.

Mobile possibilities

As well as many other slots and games from Yggdrasil, Winter Berries are available on mobile devices and desktops devices. It supports Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, if you feel like playing on your desktop computer. If you are more of a mobile player and perhaps wants to spin a few rounds on the train or bus in the way home from a long day at work, there is of course a solution for you as well. You can easily play on you smartphone since Winter Berries are available and playable on devices using both Android and iOS. This is nothing new though, since basically all of Yggdrasil’s slots is available for multiple platforms. But it sure is nice to be able to play the slots wherever you are, and taking it with you where you want to go.