Vikings Go Berzerk

You might remember the game “Vikings go wild”, and if you liked it you are truly in for a treat. “Vikings go berzerk” is the new follow-up, and it has some brand new features. The foundation of the game is basically the same as it was when the vikings just went wild – but this time, they go berzerk.

Follow-ups are always tricky. For every “Godfather part II” there is always an “Indiana Jones and the crystal skull” kind of thing just waiting to ruin peoples expectations. This game however, seems to be more of a godfather in that regard. When it comes to a viking game created by a company called “Yggdrasil”, what could possibly go wrong? With the same viking theme as it’s precursor, Vikings go berzerk has a similar graphic and style. There is still the four viking-symbols and the four coin symbols, and in the bottom there are four different vikings, just waiting to go berzerk. The snakes that were found in “Vikings go wild” are replaced with sirens for the vikings to defeat, and the sequel really is darker in tone than its precursor.

How to play

Vikings go berzerk is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot from Yggdrasil Gaming, that is available to play on desktop and mobile phones, as well as on tablet devices. It has been designed to impress, and to put players on the edge of their seats while playing, right from the get go. The reels in this game is set on top of a traditional viking ship, in the same style as in “Vikings go wild”. The command button is set on a wooden plank at the bottom of the reels, which gives the player a dynamic and realistic universe to play in. However – the many similarities between “Vikings go wild” and “Vikings go berzerk”, this game feels more like an updated and refined version of the old game, rather than a true sequel. Although, this doesn’t make the game bad in any way.

The foundation of the game is like any other slot-game on the market at the moment – you set the game for coin value and cash bet that you want, and then you spin. You can choose a cash bet from as little as 25p, up to the maximum of €125. As you play, you’ll collect rage to the four vikings in the bottom who accompanies you in your adventures. Every time you hit a winning combination with one of the viking-symbols that particular viking will collect rage. When a vikings rage meter is full they enter berzerk-mode, which gives you 7 free spins. While in berzerk-mode, the viking will be able to defeat the siren whenever she appears on the reels, which can award you even more surprise cash prizes. You can also use three scatters to trigger free spins – and this will release the Ragnarök feature. Ragnarök makes all of the four vikings go berzerk at the same time, and every single viking-symbol turns into wilds during those free spins. On this feature, you can easily get up to at least 400 times your bet win. It pretty much guarantees a screen full of wilds by the end of the Vikings go berzerk bonus game.

It might seem like there is a lot going on at once in “Vikings go berzerk”, but its quite easy to get the hang of it while playing. You can get good wins in the base game through the treasure chest and the golden treasure chest – but the main event is the free spins features.

Free spins, bonus games and wilds

All features from the original game is still there, with a few additions. The main attraction of the game is Ragnarök, where all of the vikings go into in berzerk-mode and will always turn into wild symbols on the reels. The feature is played in the golden treasure chest, and in the bonus randomizer before a normal free spin feature.

In the base game you can gain quite big wins through the treasure chest and the golden treasure chest in reels four and five. The treasure chest appearing will give you a cash or coin win, where you’ll get to choose one out of five cards that are flipped upside down. Each of the cards have different values, and the value of the card you choose is the win that you get. The golden treasure chest will give you either wins of 10 to 400 times your bet, 7 to 21 free spins, a rage boost for your vikings or access to the Ragnarök free spin feature. While in the Ragnarök feature, apart from all of the viking symbols turning into wilds – all of the wilds are sticky.


Although carrying a lot of resemblance to Vikings Go Wild, Vikings go berzerk clearly is a lot more advanced when it comes to the graphics. The main setting is basically the same in both games – a ship as background, four vikings at the bottom etc. But the setting has a lot more detail to it in the sequel. Instead of a simple wooden ship, it is now a metal decorated ship, ready for war.

The graphics and animations are no doubt improved in comparison to the older game, but it is still true to the Vikings Go Wild characters and settings. The biggest difference between the games, though, are the new special features that have been added to the sequel.

Developer & mobile

As mentioned earlier, Vikings Go Berzerk is developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the leading game developers on the market right now. Yggdrasil´s games are known for having a high repayment percantage, and for Vikings go Berzerk the number is 96,1%.

As most of Yggdrasil’s newer games, Vikings go Berzerk is built with HTML-5, and is therefore possible to play on desktop and mobile phones as well as on tablet devices.