Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is the game that offers the largest pooled jackpot on the market and is probably one of the most well known slots online. Every time someone is playing at the slot the progressive jackpot called Mega increases. It is developed by Net Entertainment and it offers a luxury theme that reveals what the players gonna get when they hit the win of their dreams. Except for the extreme jackpot, there is also two local jackpots. 2013 the jackpot was incredibly €17,8 millions when it was won by a player in Finland. It was a new record in the history of slot machines and even got a place in Guinness book of world records. Mega Fortune is a slot that could make you incredibly rich with a little bit of luck. Maybe you are the next person to break the record on this one?

How to play

This slot consists of five reels and twenty five pay-lines. You can choose among four bet levels and set a coin value between €0,01 and €0,5. You also choose how many of the twenty five pay-lines that you want to play on. Only the highest win get paid, even if you win on several pay-lines. The maximum bet is €50 if you play with the highest coin value, all pay-lines and on level four. The symbol with the highest value is the racer boat, five boats in a row give you 10 000 coins. The limousine gets a second place with 1000 coins for five in a row. The repayments percentage in this slot is as always when it comes to slots from NetEnt high, 96,4.

Free spins, bonus games and wilds

In this videoslot there are a lot of features that will help you increase your money. Let’s start with the scatter symbols. The scatter symbols will always pay you after how many symbols there are. If you get three of them, you also get some free spins. When you get three of them you have to click on one of the scatter symbols that will reveal how many free spins you have won. Once you have gotten your free spins, a multiplier is shown.

The multiplier will multiple your wins during the free spins, it will multiple with lowest x2 and highest x5. The multiplier does not work if you should win several free spins during a free spin. If you get two or more scatter symbols during a free spins you will either win more free spins, or your multiplier will get a higher level. The wild symbol in Mega Fortune is the racer boat that we already mentioned. The racer boat is a substitute for all the other symbols except for the scatter symbols, if a winning combination is possible.

Bonus Game

If you get more then three bonus symbols, from left to right, you can get the chance to play a bonus game. This is what you really want to happen when you play this slot. In the bonus game you will get a huge spinning wheel in front of you, the wheel consists of two smaller wheels on top of it. When the first and outer wheel spins, you can decide when you want it to stop. You can either win money or the wheel can stop on an arrow, which points in to the next wheel. In the next wheel the money prizes has increased, and you can win the same prizes here.

If you land on the arrow on this wheel to, you now have the chance on the big win, the only thing that you have been waiting for. The wheel furthest in will give you a huge money win or the Mega jackpot. To win the Mega jackpot you have to be playing on all twenty five pay-lines. You could definitely call this wheel the “wheel of fortune”. As soon as you win on one of the wheels the bonus game end, so of course you want it to go all the way in to the last wheel.

Three jackpots

In the bonus game you can win one of three progressive jackpots. They are called Rapid, Major and Mega. Mega is the only one who is connected to the network from Net Entertainment. The other two builds up form the player at the casino that you are playing at. While Mega is build by the players from all of the sites, that’s why the jackpot can grow to become so extremely huge. When it is shared by several casinos it also means that the winner can be a player from any of the casinos. The Mega jackpot, as we have mentioned, increases with every spin played in any casino, in any part of the world.

It is won on an average every 14 weeks and the average payout exceeds 4 000 000 euros. The two smaller jackpots, Rapid and Major, increases every time someone at the casino plays at the slot. It can vary a lot depending on which casino you play at, if the jackpot has been won in a few hours or a few weeks ago. Therefore you should search a little among the different casinos to see which of them that currently offer the largest Rapid and Major jackpots for maximum value.

Graphics & mobile

The theme in this slot is luxury and vanity. The symbols are all shaped like things connected to a rich and fancy lifestyle. Champagne bottles, bundles, designer watches, diamond rings, limousines and racing boats are all battling for the positions on the slot. The champagne bottles are the scatter symbols, and the wild symbols are the race boats. As always Net Entertainment deliver a graphic that is nice and smooth to the eye. The excitement is made in both sound, graphics and of course the feeling that you might win the jackpot. The slot is also available on mobile devices, which mean that you can score from everywhere!