Good Girl Bad Girl

Good Girl Bad Girl is the slot that has both the angel and the devil in it. Choose between the good side, the bad side, or remain neutral. Betsoft sure has not saved anything in this slot, and you can tell. Fantastic graphics, interesting gameplay and sound effects that makes you feel the excitement. There is a nice flying angel to the left, a mean flying devil to the right. In the reel there is white rabbits, angry cats, Money Wheels, symbols for the high cards, good and bad wilds and a lot of excitement. No matter what side you choose to be on both the devil and the angel will cheer for you when you win.

How to play

The slot consists of five reels with three rows in each. There is 15 paylines and you can choose how many you want to bet at. The minimum bet per payline is 0.02 coins, and the highest bet is 1 coin per payline. You can make up to five bets per payline. The lowest cash bet is at €0.04 total, and the highest is at €150. This gives you much room to decide just how much you want to play for and how you want to place your bet.

The good side can only win at the paylines from left to right, and vice versa. The paylines at the bad side can only be won from right to left. However, if you play in neutral mode, you can score from both ways. This gives you the possibility to score 15 lines from right to left, as well as 15 lines from left to right.

Good or Bad

This is what makes this slot different from the other. Here, you can choose not only if you’re an angel or a devil. You can also choose how you want the slot to behave, how you like to win. The good side with the angel gives you wins more often. Here you win quite small, but also quite often. You can also get away with smaller bets by betting on fewer paylines on the good side, since you will win a little more often.

I you choose to play for the bad side and cheer for the devil to win, you might want to play on more paylines. The chances of winning here is a tad smaller, but the rewards are bigger. Therefor, it might be wise to play on more paylines at the bad side, and a fewer on the good side of you want to get the most out of your wins from your bet.

Of course, you can do a combination of the two and play as neutral. You therefor play with both the good and the bad paylines, giving you 15 paylines from right to left, and 15 paylines from left to right. Here you can win both small but often, and big but seldom. This setting is recommended, if you want to win as much as possible. As long as you can place bets at many paylines and can stand the thought of cheering for both sides, that is. Otherwise, choose the side you feel will be the best for you.

Free Spins and Coin Toss

The only free spins in-game is the ones you score from the bonus wheel. This can however be quite nice, since you also have the chance to win score instead of free spins. The jackpots are also in the wheel and if you play at the good side’s wheel, you are guaranteed a win that might be a few free spins, as well as a jackpot. If the wheel stays as Free Spins, the slot will continue automatically for the amount of spins that you won.

There is also a feature with a coin toss in the slot. This sometimes becomes available and gives you the opportunity to choose the side you hope for in a simple game of coin toss. Choose your side, flip the coin, hope for it to en up well for you and you might get to collect an extra score.

Click Me bonus game

The Click Me-part is another nice feature. Sometimes, you get the chance of picking between boxes from the two sides. First you get to choose if you want boxes from the good side, or if you want the ones from the bad side. There is four boxes to choose from at both sides, so don’t be afraid to miss out. All four are wrapped in gold at the good side, and the devil’s red and black at the bad side. One or two of them will have a beam of light shining over them and depending on what side it is this means different things.

When choosing between the four boxes, you might want to know what to expect. The shining boxes on the angel’s side has either small or medium winnings and the ones without light has either a big win or a collect. The boxes at the bad side goes by the same principle, but the other way around. Here you have the chance of smaller winnings from the boxes without a light. The big winnings and the collects comes from the boxes with a light.

At both sides you have the chance to win from the boxes more than once. You can continue to choose between the boxes in more than one round, if you choose the right ones. Three out of four boxes contains a score, but the fourth one contains both a score and a text that says End Feature. This ends the round and you are no longer to pick more boxes right now. If lucky, you got a few boxes with wins in them and at the end they all come together to give you a hopefully big win.

Fantastic Graphics

Good Girl Bad Girl has a fantastic graphic, as always when it comes to slots from Betsoft. The many details makes the experience outstanding. The flying devil and angel teasing each other, and the animations at the symbols in the reel and the playful extra details in the bonus games. It’s simply pleasing for all your senses available, and it enchants you for a long time. The animations are spotless and the reels spins just perfectly smooth.

Mobile devices

As with the other slots from Betsoft, Good Girl Bad Girl is easily available on mobile devices. There is no compromising the experience and the slot is as intense on a small screen as in full screen on a desktop. The slot is available for most mobile devices, thanks to Betsoft’s own software ToGo that allows a great experience no matter how you choose to play.