At the Copa

At the Copa is a dance-inspired video slot from BetSoft which gives you the feeling of being at the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. There is salsa music, high heels, fancy cocktails and sand. It’s guaranteed to get you into a mode of summer, vacation and warm nights with live music.

We follow Carolina, the lady in a red dress and her two summer flirts Rico and Pedro. Both of which seem to be quite good dancers and charmers. In the slot, there is flamingos, maracas and chili peppers, along with drums, high heels and trumpets. Basically, all there is at a sandy vacation beach somewhere in a warm, sunny latino country. And trust us, you do not need to be a dancer just to play At the Copa.

How to play

The video slot has five reels with three rows. There is 30 paylines in total which you choose all by your own preferences how many you want to play at. At the side, you can hover your pointer at your computer to see which paylines is which. The minimum bet is 0.02 coins per payline. If you feel like betting higher, then you can bet up to 1 coin per bet. This makes it possible to bet anything from 0.02 coins at one bet, up to 150 bets with 1 coin per bet. If you prefer auto spin, there is a lot to chose from. Let the slot spin away from five up to 100 times by it self, so you can enjoy the music and drama that plays out.

There is a few extra features in At the Copa. For example, you get to choose which handsome flirt you want Caroline to dance with in the dance round bonus. There is also a wild function where the entire wheel number three becomes a wild. This is the ocean symbol and it also gives you a free spin. The free spin mode, also a bonus, is triggered when there is three or more dance shoes appears on the reel. This gives you between two and ten times the win, per spin.

Player’s experience

Even if you may not be the biggest of fans when it comes to latino music and salsa, there is still a good chance you will like this slot. The details, the living feeling and the dance parts are just enchanting and really entertaining. It’s well made and really captures the feeling of being at the beach with the cocktails and the music.

The buttons for betting, coin values and paylines is too a part of the neat layout. Instead of boring button looking buttons, they are animated and with a golden touch to it. They stand on the dance floor by the sandy beach and with the angles it almost feels like they too are dancing.

The music and the colours works perfect together and they are creating a magic feeling of being exactly where the magic happens. And it doesn’t really get worse when Carolina in her beautiful red latino dress. She stands by the side watching the reels and sometimes she also takes a few dance steps. Very nice detail, we must say.

Bonus rounds and free spins

There is of course some bonuses in this slot as well. One of them is the dance bonus round, triggered by a Rico symbol and a Pedro symbol on each side of a Carolina symbol. This however, is only valid if they come in the right position at the three first wheels, numbers one, two and three. In the bonus round Carolina gets to dance with one of the hot latino flirts.

You choose between Rico and Pedro and the chosen one gets a dance with Caroline. Hope they make the dance without stepping on any toes, and see how many points the dancer wins. This points will be your win, so make sure to pick the one you think can dance the best! When the dance is started, the slot keeps spinning a few rounds, so you still have the possibility to win some extra coins and big wins.

If three or more shoe symbols is out on the reel, they trigger the free spin mode. It also doesn’t matter what position the symbols have, as long as it is on the reel. You can also score between one and ten times bonus with the free spin. This is valid for every spin in the free spin round.

Ocean wilds

The ocean symbol spins around in all the reels, doing the camouflaged thing that the wilds do. However, it makes the entire wheel a wild when stopping at the middle wheel, number three. There is lots of good things happening when an entire wheel is a wild, as you may understand. It makes it more likely to get a jackpot or more winning paylines. Sometimes the wild even spread, to be a wild in each side. This also makes it a little easier to score more paylines and getting a big win.

Progressive jackpots

Yes, At the Copa contains progressive jackpots. Not one, not two, but three of them. They are called Suave jackpot, Mediano jackpot and Caliente jackpot. The first one, the Suave, is triggered by having five chili symbols somewhere on the reel. Position is not important here. In the second jackpot, the Mediano jackpot, is on if you have five chili symbols on lines two and three. The Caliente jackpot is the third and you will only win this when all five chili symbols are on payline number one.

Stunning graphics

As we made clear earlier, the gameplay is no joke. It’s well made with many details that together makes an over all impression of a hot beach in Rio de Janeiro. The graphics are no joke either. All details are high quality and spotless with beautiful colours. The animations are as well as the graphics stunning and everything runs exceptionally smooth. The wheels spin without trouble, Carolina dances perfectly and the symbols shows up really neat. BetSoft has really put in some time and effort in this slot and it really shows. With other words the graphics, animations and sound effects are great and well balanced.

Mobile solutions

If you feel like playing on different units then fear not, since At the Copa can be played in both browsers and in mobile versions. The slot is at least as appealing and impressive in the mobile version, much thanks to BetSoft’s premium ToGo platform. None of the Copacabana feeling is lost if played on you smartphone or tablet, we promise you will get the sandy hot feeling on the bus, as well as in the couch a rainy day!