The Alchymedes slot was launched by Yggdrasil in January this year, being one of their newest video slots. By playing and changing the preferences on your own, the slot gives you the feeling of playing as an Alchemist, mixing up balances and trying out different combinations to find great success and big wins. The thought behind it was to give the user a feeling of the mystics surrounding the alchemists back in the days, when science was considered magic. In our opinion, Yggdrasil has succeeded without comparison.

An interactive slot

Thanks to the possibility to balance your own bonuses with the Alchemist’s scale, you get the feeling of having a bit of control in the game. You can choose between having more multiplier bonuses, or larger wild spread. This also keeps the interest up when you play, because of the possibility to slightly re-make the game on your own.

With this, you can continue to play even if you’ve completed all of the levels once already. If you want to go again, you can always play it with a different balance. Also, the gameplay becomes much more interesting when you get to be a part of it and control it in a completely different way than usually.

With the bonuses, you can also enlarge the spreading, making the wild spreads even bigger and giving you more winnings for your spin. Considering there is over 15,000 possible combinations of wild spread, you will much likely want to play it through more than once.

How to play

The main goal of Alchymedes is to complete the different levels by getting line wins on every position. When one line is a winning line, the background of the symbols becomes golden and stays so, until all tiles in the background is golden and you pass the level.

Not only is Alchymedes nice to play, look at and follow – it’s also very nice to win at. With cash bets from €0.30 up to €60.00 and the RTP at 96.1% this slot is a really decent one. If you rather play with coins, the coin value is from 0.01 up to 2.00 and the max coin win is 300,000.

Even of you don’t play to win money, Alchymedes is a slot that is very pleasing to spend some time at just for fun. The thrilling story also makes you more eager to play a little longer, which suits the slot just fine since it has a volatility at 35. You get rewarded with smaller wins, and once in a while you get a really nice big win or multiplier bonus at the ending spin for the level you’re at.

Alchemist’s scale

At the start of every level, there is also a bonus feature that can be triggered randomly. It gives out one of six possible rewards, such as additional wild patterns, coin wins payed put at the end of the level, more frequent and higher multiplier and so on. This, we think, is a welcoming extra rewarding detail, if you for example change the balance with the Alchemist’s scale to get more wild patterns but still want the chance of an extra multiplier bonus.

Wild patterns

For every new level, there is a new spreading pattern for the wilds. When one wild lands, it will spread as the pattern in the bar to the left of the slot shows. The wilds will start by spreading according to the pattern showed, starting from the red block where the wild appears. The rest is marked with blue, to show how the patterns looks and how it will spread. If some of the pattern is outside the reel, it gives no bonuses. Although, it quite nice when you get the main wild in the center of the reel and it spreads all over.

Multiplier Bonus

At every last spin for the level, there is a level completion multiplier which is awarded to the win that completes the golden background. When the last spin fills the last background with gold, the multiplier comes in to play. Between 1x and 5x can be added in the multiplier for each spin, and it’s capped at 100x. It would be pretty sweet to score that 100x, we think.

Enchanting gameplay

With you as a player being able to decide how you want your game, you feel welcomed and needed, a part of the story as well as a part of the quest for success. The Alchemist’s scale allows you to simply click away to the balance you wish. Of course, even the scale and the background has fantastic animations and graphics, keeping the feeling of a cold, dark cottage far into the woods, by a swamp, but in a nice way.

Stunning graphics

With five wheels and four lines horizontally, the reel is pleasing to use. To your right, you have the sizzling tube of multiplier potion. At the left side of the reel, there is the bowl of wild pattern potion and the meter for the amount of golden tiles. With the brown and grey earthy tones together with the bright blue, red and green, you really get the feeling of an alchemist in a creaky old cottage somewhere. The feeling is enhanced with the small details, such as the moving flames of the candles and the sizzling in the tubes, to make the slot even more enchanting.

The 16:9 resolution together with the iSense 2.0 platform and the Yggdrasil BOOST makes Alchymedes a really smooth slot to play. Short loading time, nice flow in the slots and smooth, neat graphics. The animations seems to be light as feathers – it’s well done without making the slot feel heavy to load.

Widely available

As with many other of Yggdrasil’s slots, the Alchymedes slot is widely available in both browsers and different platforms. It supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, on desktops, and with smartphones using iOS or Android. This makes you able to sit with it anywhere, with your smartphone or on your desktop computer. With Yggdrasil’s software and platforms behind the game, you can continue your Alchemist search on the device you want. Of course the Alchymedes slot is available in different languages as well. 26 of them, to be precise. This includes English, Spanish, Russian, German and Korean, as well as the Nordic languages and many others.