Skrill Online Casinos

Skrill was former known as the company Moneybookers. It was in 2011 that Moneybookers decided to change the name on the company and slowly getting their costumers aware of the change, like changing the logo and things like that. Why they chose the word Skrill is because the meaning of the word. It is a slang word for money and also it’s symbolizes the two words safety and flexibility. It is one of the most popular eWallets on the market. Skrill is so easy to use since your account number is your e-mail address. You don’t have to remember any pin codes or stuff like that. To use the service you register as a new member, simply deposit some money into your account and all transfers can be made through it. The company is one of the worlds most widespread payment methods online. It is accepted as a payment method in more then 200 countries and are providing more then 40 currencies. Currently there are over 26 million users around the world who prefer Skrill as a payment method. Today the company also owns the two other payment methods Ukash and PaySafeCard.

How you use Skrill as a payment method

Skrill is a great service when it comes to payment online and especially if you are going to play online. To register and open up an account i free and easy to do. Most casinos online offers Skrill as a payment method, which makes it fast do to both deposits and withdrawals. You can choose from different currencies, which makes people from all around the world use this method. It depends on with deposit method you choose if your deposit comes with a fee or not. So a tip is to check out their website on which methods that are free before you deposit any money into your account, and if you don’t see it as a problem you are ready immediately to start your account! If you intend to play casino online it is quite smart to choose the currency you are going to play with at the casino to your Skrill account. When you withdraw money it is often a fee connected to it also. It is so many different ways to deposit and withdraw, so to take an extra look into which ways that are fastest and most price worthy. Another thing to think about is to not make many small withdrawals and instead to a few larger ones.

Benefits with eWallets

It doesn’t matter if you mostly play casino online or if you usually shop online, no matter what it is smart to use an eWallet to handle the payment. The transfer is both safe and you can track how much you are gambling for much easier, since all transfers are collected. If you think you gamble to much or simply wants to have a better understanding on how you are spending your money at the casino, you could by having a special account for only gambling understand it better. On most casinos you can transfer money to and from your account on the site with you credit card or bank, but the benefit that comes with an eWallet is that you don’t have to give out your credit card information to all sites your a member at. Another benefit when you are using an eWallet is that you can’t play for more money then the money you have on your account.

Benefits with Skrill

The benefits with using your Skrill Digital Wallet is that you don’t have to tell your credit card numbers and information at several places. You don’t have to write it every time you are going to buy something or transfer money, you only have to use your email and a password. It is only Skrill who will have your private information and since the company is using all the latest security solutions you can feel safe while using their product. Another thing that will make you feel safer is that the company is regulated by the British Financial Service. Skrill offers a lot of different foreign currencies, which makes it easy for international transfers. The company also offers a Moneybookers MasterCard which is connected to your account, this card is accepted in a lot of stores, online and ATMs.

Does it cost anything?

To register an account is free of charge, to receive money and to transfer money if you choose to do it via your bank. Otherwise it always costs 1% of the of the amount that you want to send. It also a fee connected when you want to take out money and when you use certain other payment methods. Skrill supports more then 100 different payment methods and what kind of fee there is you can read on their own website. Skrill is accepted at most online casinos today so if you gamble at many casinos there is a huge benefit to use it as your method for payment. Some of the casinos also offers extra bonuses if you use Skrill. But there may also be extra fees at online casinos when you use it, so make sure that you know the terms and conditions before you choose to use Skrill.