Go to Rio with SuperLenny!

Want to go to Rio? Go with SuperLenny! Lenny invites you to a race with over 50 prizes to win. Among them is a trip for 2 to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro. All you need to do is opt-in, earn points to the leaderboard by playing, and get a ticket to the raffle.

The trip and the rest of the prizes it given out through a raffle. To get to this raffle, you fisrt need a ticket. The ticket is yours, if you manage to get on one of the 25th first places in the leaderboard. In this leaderboard, you can also win up to £2000, among with 15 tickets to the raffle. In total there is 50 places that gets a share of the goodies from SuperLenny, but only the 15 fisrt gets a cash prize as well.

Play and earn points

Of course you want to get high up on the leaderboard and get as many points as possible. Although, you need to collect the points first. You get the point by simply playing at SuperLenny Casino, it’s really nothing more to it than that. Play at the slots you like, have a good time and the points will come just right away, as you play. Although, the campaign is only valid through June the 15th, so make sure you get as many points as possible during this days.

Opt-in and start playing at SuperLenny Casino, and you might be in Rio de Janeiro a few weeks fom now!

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