Prize Drops at Unibet every day in February!

Unibet feels like spreading some extra joy among the cash game players! They are now dropping prizes randomly all over their cash games. What do you have to do to get one? Not much, really. Just be seated at the cash game and hope your table will be the one getting chosen!

Many chances, many prizes

Every day in February, there will be prize drops spread over the 385 cash game tables included in the promotion. The tables will be chosen randomly and if you are seated at the chosen table at the prize drop, you will see an animation telling you the good news. When the table is selected, all of the players seated will be rewarded automatically. This means you as a player don’t need to be selected personally, since it’s the table that gets picked.

The prizes are handed out in the forms of bonus points prizes, instant cash and real money tickets to use on Unibet. The prizes are worth a total of around €35,000 and it’s Unibet’s way to thank their visitors and members.

New icon for the curious ones

Curious of what the prizes are for the day? Log in at you Unibet account and check the icon to the left at the top bar. There you’ll find a drop symbol and when clicked, you’ll see what prizes are left to give out this time. Remember, if it says it’s empty, there will be new prizes to be handed out tomorrow!

Hurry up!

Make sure to take part of it as soon and as much as possible, since the promotion is valid only through February. With 385 cash game tables, there is something for everyone.

Go check it out right here! ->

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