Payment methods for online casinos

There is an amount of different payment methods to use on online casinos. You can normally make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account from several operators. When online casinos first started the most common way to deposit and withdraw money was to use a credit card like VISA or MasterCard. But the technology and it’s fast development has led to many more ways. Today there has become more and more common to use an e-wallet online. An e-wallet is preferable if you don’t want to give any details about your banking information, your card number or code connected to your card when you transfer money. There are a lot of methods to use and we here at has made a guide so you easily will find an options that suits you.

eWallets and virtual cash

An eWallet is an intermediator between your bank and the place that you want to deposit money or pay something online. To use an eWallet is a smart move if you are playing at several sites. You only have to give your bank account details to one place (your eWallet) instead of all casino sites.

A lot of casinos has started to accepting that players use e-wallets instead of traditional methods. And a lot of players has joined this new trend since you don’t have to use your credit card details every time you want to withdraw anything. You often only have to use a password and an email. In that way you get your money in to your eWallet and can later transfer them to your credit card. Neteller and Skrill (former Moneybookers) are both examples of eWallets. To transfer via eWallets its often much more fast then traditional methods, some of them are instant payout. Which means that your money transfers from the casino site instantly into your e-wallet. Another thing that is a good thing when using the eWallet is that you will get a better look on how much you spend on your online playing if you only use it for this.

Bank transfer and credit cards

This was the most common way before and we believe that still a lot of players like this traditional way. Since it is something that a lot of people knows how to handle them and simply doesn’t want to learn about something new. When you use bank transfer or credit cards it is common that it will take a bit longer than other methods but on the other hand you get them into your bank account directly and that extra time might be worth it. When using credit cards there could be a limit on how much you can withdraw at the same time so make sure to check the terms and conditions.

Other methods

Except for the methods above you can also use methods like Ukash and PaySafeCard. With these you buy coupons when you want to shop online, and now they are also available for online gambling. These coupons you can buy online or at retailers like PayPoint and WHSmith. So you can buy them with cash if you don’t want your credit card information online at all. The only thing you need to do to transfer the money at your coupon is to use the code on the coupon and you done. You use the code when you are going to pay and it works sort of like a gift card.

Important things to think about

Some casinos take a fee when you are using some payment methods, so it is important to look into if your casino has some sort of fee on different methods. Usually the method that the casino prefer is without any fee. There is usually a help section or a FAQ on each casino site where you should be able to find out what the terms and conditions are. Make sure that you know how long time it takes for deposits and withdrawals for the method that you have chosen to use. Some casinos also has sometimes has bonuses when you use one of the methods that casino prefer. Because of that it could be a good thing to check out if there is a casino that has some sort of offer on the method that you prefer to use. In that way you can get some extra bonuses while playing.


With the methods like Ukash, PaySafeCard and some eWallets you can also find offers and campaigns. For example you can get discounts, earn loyalty points or compete in competitions. This also works for some credit cards so check out the different payment methods web sites and receive your discount. Some of them can get you bonuses so to take an extra check before on which method you should use could be worth it.

Safety with your transfers

Whatever method you choose to use you still need to feel safe and comfortable while using it since it is your money it is about. So if you don’t want to give out your details you know that there are other options that also are safe. No matter what you choose you should be able to feel safe and the security online casinos use when it comes to money transaction is usually very high. To ensure you that it is safe to transfer money to the most casino uses encryption techniques. These techniques makes it safe for you to transfer money to the company. A tip to find out if a casino is serious or not is to read reviews about the casinos. We can assure you that we won’t have any casino on this site that isn’t unsafe. You can absolutely trust all the casinos in our top list (and at the same time get some great bonuses).