Neteller Online Casinos

Once you have entered the online casino world you sooner or later will have to start making deposits and withdrawals to continuing your playing. There are several options in the gaming industry and one of the most popular are Neteller. It is one of the most well known eWallets on the market today. It is a sort of savings account but you have it online. You transfer money into your account and it works like a wallet online, so you can pay with the money you have in there on several different sites. To use Neteller online is both safe and simple. You can use the transfer service to transfer money to web sites, to other people or you can use it as a separate account for example your debts. If you want to know more about this – keep on reading.

History and growth

The company has been active since 1999 and their name is Neteller Group. Their headquarters in the start was in Canada but after a couple years in 2004 they moved to Isle of Man. The software has become popular really fast among people who needs to get access to their money fast. Among players the service has grown to become a popular device to get access to their money that they are playing for. It is popular both to deposit and to withdraw money. One thing to think about before you start using Neteller is that it is not a bank, it is an organization. The company is regulated and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority which ensures that it is safe to use this service. The trustworthiness also gets higher when you hear that the company is regulated by a financial authority. Neteller has grown and are now offering the service in several currencies like GBP, USD and SEK and has customers in over 180 countries.


The easiest way to deposit money to your account is by using your credit card, exactly like how you use it when you shop online. You can of course make transfers between your bank account and surely get help from your bank to make them, but remember that it will take a bit longer to get the money into your eWallet. The transfers takes longer when you use bank transfer which is considerably longer than doing it online. To get the money into your account directly often comes with a fee and the options you have to deposit is more then 40 different ways. There are two options that are without any fee and that is to do a local bank deposit and through the merchant site. But you will have to wait for the money for 2-5 days. So when you deposit the free options takes a bit longer and the options with a fee is instant.


To withdraw the money there is also a lot of options to choose from, but the easiest is to have a credit card connected to your account at Neteller. When you have made your transfer from your eWallet to your credit card you then can take out the money in a cash machine or use the money when you pay with your credit card. You can also get the money transferred into a bank account or as a check but it will take a few days. What kind of fee it is depends on what method you choose and which currency you want.

Transaction of money

It works through a terminal-to-terminal technique and therefore there are no direct waiting time. If you wish to you could transfer money anything, anywhere and at no cost between different Neteller accounts. Neteller has since the start of their company grown and become a very established company. Many players around the world prefer to use it and therefore most online casino offer it as a payment method for their clients.

Earn points

Once you have become a member you will also get the chance to enter their loyalty program. It works that way where every time you are active with your Neteller account you will earn points. These points is quite special because they can be exchanged into real money, not bad.

How to use Neteller at casino sites

Even though we already has explained how easy it is to use Neteller we thought you wouldn’t mind a fast and easy description. You start by doing an account at the website, otherwise you won’t get any access to the complete service. The service i free so you don’t need to think it over too much. When you are creating your account you have to choose which currency you would like to use, and here it might be good to think once or twice so you get the right one from the beginning. Since the starts Neteller has had the rule that if you want to change currency you will have to make a new account with a new email address. So choose wisely when you make your account. While you are online on your Neteller account you can keep track of all deposits and withdrawals. Then when you already have your account you can log in to the casino sites that accepts Neteller and make a deposit. Easy right?