Money Back Mondays at Vera & John!


Vera & John wants to change our look at Mondays! As we all know, Mondays can be ruff. The weekend is over and with it, all the rest and relax. The week just started and work is next no schedule, with early mornings and perhaps you not-so-great colleagues. However, Vera & John might have something to cheer you up with. With Money Back Mondays, your weekend blues will be all gone!

Get your money back if you loose

It’s their promotion called Money Back Mondays, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This little goodie has been at Vera & John earlier, and it was a great success back then as well. Now, they take it back and makes sure none of their players ever have a bad Monday filled with sadness because of the weekend’s passing. But fear not, the Money Back Monday is here to help!

Every Monday in February, which means the 20 th and 27 th now, Vera and John gives back 20% of your lost funds, of you happen to have some bad luck when playing. This means, play at one or more of their games, hope you’re lucky this Monday, and see if you can win some comfort money to get you through the week. Pretty much as you do usually. However, if you are to have some bad luck with the games, instead of loose your money for the week Vera & John will give 20% of your loss back to you. The refund will be at your account the day after, so you can try your luck at Tuesday again. Though, remember it’s only Money Back Monday and not Money Back Tuesday…

Every real cash games

Another thing that will make you feel better about Monday, we hope, is the fact that it’s super easy to take part in this promotion. We promise. All you ave to do to take part is to simply sign up at their page specially made for this offer. Sign up with your Vera and John-mail for your regular account and start playing! Play their real money spins, feel good and have a good time. Perhaps you feel like a little slot time, then why not go for the slots? Try their slot Aloha or Fish Tank, or get seated by a live casino table. As you understand, there is lots of options and with the Money Back Monday, you can feel a little more relaxed since you will not loose all of your precious money.

This promotion is not for all, however. Or well, almost all. Except for having an account at Vera & John casino, there is something you have to do first. Make sure you have made three deposits earlier with you Vera & John account, and you are good to go fetch that promotion. If you haven’t made three yet and perhaps is stuck on two, then go throw in one deposit more and take part of the Money Back Monday promotion.

Hurry up to sign up

Make sure to get a hold of it before it disappears, though. The promotion is only valid for February and we’re currently in the end of it, so there is unfortunately not much time left. Sign up for the promotion right away, and remember to go play some more at the 26 th of February, which is the last day the offer is valid.

Click here to take part of the Money Back Monday promotion! ->

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