Mission campaign at Vera & John!


The summer is yet not gone, at least not if you visit Vera & John Casino! They stick to the summer with their Endless Summer Campaign, where you can win a part of the £45 000 that will be distributed to the top 500 players.

Complete the missions!

If you, just like a lot of the other players, want to have a chance to win, you must complete the missions. First, you need to collect 50 free spin symbols in Golden Fish Tank. Also, you should collect 3 feature caps in Spiña Colada and 25 Sunny Wilds in Sunny Shores. Complete this in as few rounds played as possible, and you might just get in the top. The 500 best players gets their share of £45 000, with £8 000 for the top position. If you’re not happy with your result and score after the mission, you can re-do your mission. Once you’ve completed it once, you can do it again in the hunt for a better score.

Pick-and-click raffle

Even if you don’t manage to get in the top 500, you still have a chance to get a nice prize. The top 700 players get to join a pick-and-click raffle. Here you have the chance to get another nice prize – up to £5 000 actually! This raffle is open from the 4th to 5th of September, so make sure you ger in to one of the Mission games and get it started!

For more information about the campaign, go to Vera & John Casino to see for yourself. You can also see all the prizes and rewards there, and just how much you might win. Check it out before it’s gone!

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