March Madness and prizes at Vera & John!


Vera & John is feeling their oats in the springtime of March. They are not just excited, they are really going crazy about it! In their March Madnes, they’re giving out both free spins and a 100 pairs of brand new Virtual Reality glasses!

It’s not only free spins and a one hundred pairs of VR glasses in the pot. No, there is a huge pile of other goodies that Vera & John just want to throw at all of you players visiting! You can also win a Raffle Ticket, which is useful to have on the 3rd of April. This is when the Vera & John VR glasses is given out in the prize draw. 100 lucky winners will get a set of VR glasses, designed with Vera & John of course. You get the ticket with the free spins every weekend of the week you’ve been active playing the weekly slots. If you stay put to the

If you stay put and play the weekly slots at Vera & John the whole week, you’re rewarded with both free spins and a Raffle Ticket. The ticket is quite useful, since it’s the chance to win the VR glasses. Be one of the 100 lucky winners to get a pair of VR glasses, designed with Vera & John of course! The ticket is given to you the weekend after you’ve been active playing the weekly slots. If you’ve played enough to get rewarded at the weekend, you’ll also receieve a bunch of free spins to use in you hunt for the great jackpots. This will also be given to you in the weekend, free for you to use immediately!

To take part of this exciting March Madness opportunity to win, you’ll need to wager at least £50 cash in the slots through the week. No need to wager it all at the same time, it’s still valid it you split it through the week. Through all four weeks, there is 12 slots where you acn get rewarded for playing at. First week there is Colden Caravan, Pimped and Jade Magician. Week two, we have Pyramid, Aloha! Cluster Pays, and the new slot Wild Wild West. Week three gives us the very popular Hot Sync, together with Illuminous and Genie’s Touch. The final week, number four, has Dragon Shine, Treasure Island and Seven Highs to choose from. Quite a variety, there is.

Every weekend, you’ll get your free soins and your raffle ticket. Just wager the £50 cash in the slots, choose which weekly you want to play at and have a great week. Of course, you can join all four weeks if you want to. This also gives you four tickets, which increases you chances of getting ine of the VR glasses.

GO check it out and be sure to use every day in the week to get your rewards! The offer is valid to March 31st, and the prize draw is at April 3rd. Get going with the slots and good luck on Vera & John Casino!

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