Live casino tournament at Maria Casino!


In order to kick off the spring right, Maria Casino is now hosting one of their biggest live casino tournaments ever! And what a gathrring it’s going to be – with a prize pool of €40K to play for! If you fancy a share, make sure to opt in on the offer!

Live Casino favorites

The big tournament is split into three pulse-racing round, featuring four Live Casino favorites; Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat and Texas Hold’em. The Maria Casino live dealers are ready, are you?

Pulse-racing rounds

The three rounds of the tournaments are the 5-day Blast, the 4-day Blow Out and the 3-day bash. The 5-day Bash is the first round of the tree, and is all about winning big! The higher your net winnings while playing all Live Casino games over 30 consecutive rounds – the bigger your prize could be! There´s €10K to play for!

After the five days of the first round, the second round will take place. The 4-day Blow Out is all about earning points – the more you get,the bigger your prizr could be! You will earn one point for each €1 wager you make while playing all Live Casino games. In this round, there is €20K to play for!

After nine days of the tournament, it’s time for the last round to take place! The 3-day Bash is also about collecting points; the more you play Roulette, the bigger your prize could be. You’ll earn one point for every spin you make – and there’s €10K to play for!

Opt in on the offer and get your share of the prizes here ->


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