Mr Greens Christmas Calender is here

Santa is only coming to us once a year so Mr Green is preparing us for the holiday season with a Christmas Calendar.

This November, Mr Green is opening up his Winter Wonderland and is inviting all you players for some true Christmas fun.

A total of £350,000 in prizes are going to be shared among you players. Between the 17th November to the 30th November this Christmas Calendar is available for you to open up. Each day something different is happening either in the Casino, Sportsbook or LIVE Casino.

You can only open the door of the day so you have to check back daily if you don’t want to risk missing out. And don’t forget to have a fun time while you are playing. You will never know what is hiding behind each door, it so exciting!

Want to see if you’re a Mr Green Christmas winner? All winners will be posted in the ‘Mr Green Christmas Winners List’ on the promotion page. The prizes all together is worth £350.000 so there is huge cahs prizes to expect. If you haven’t gone to Mr Greens site yet then you should click the link below and start opening those doors! Who knows what’s hiding behind?

Go to Mr Green and open todays door!


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