Casino Reviews

In this list of reviews at you will find all the best deals for free spins in the UK. We understand that it sometimes can be hard to find the right casino for you if think about how many you can choose from. Therefore we are here to help you in the right direction. We have only reviewed casinos that we have tried ourselves and that has a great standard. So if it ain’t in our list it is not worth a visit.

To get a place in our top list the casino need to be licensed and regulated by at least one gambling commission. We want you to know that it is only the best sites in the industry that gets a place in our list. We constantly work on finding great free spins deals for you. In the list below you will find the ones that we recommend. We hope that this guide will help you and that you will find something that suits you.

What we recommend

The top list we have here on is only a fraction of all the casinos available online. The industry is huge and to review them all would not be possible even if we wanted to do it. Our focus is to recommend you all the best casinos available for players in the UK. The casinos therefore has to have a pretty good reputation before we choose to try it out. In that way we can assure you that the site is both safe and has a high class support for their customers.

Since the industry is so huge there are a few shady sites that has entered the market and that’s why we have high demands on the ones that we do have in our top list. To us it is important to always look at how serious the sites are. What they offer will not matter to us if they aren’t serious enough. Once they have filled that criteria we can start looking into other things.

The things we look into:

  • Great bonuses for new members
  • Campaigns, bonuses and loyalty programs for returning players
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Great support
  • Safety and licenses
  • The game section

Except for this we then of course try out the games and the support to see that everything works. And when everything on our list has got great ratings from us they get a spot in the top list. We have chosen to have a mix of both new and old brands since we don’t believe that age has something to do with a great reputation. With a fast growing industry we believe that new casinos can be as good as an older one.

Different scores

In our top list above all the casinos has got different scores. This is how we have rated the casino after our own experience and what we like about the sites. All sites in our list is some of the best for players in the UK and perhaps you don’t get the same experience as we got, but we do think that you won’t be disappointed. We rate them so that it will be easier for you to choose which site you want to try out, but perhaps we will have different opinions in the end. Since one of our approaches is to find you a great deal with free spins and bonuses, we constantly work to get special deals for you. In the top list above there is some deals that are exclusive for us so to go through us can actually be really good for you.

Find your new favorite

To find a good casino that is up to your expectations is not hard if you choose one of the sites in our top list. The ones we have reviewed are all great ones for players in the UK. We at has experience from the industry and we now how to get out the most from your playing. When casino sites are marketing themselves the focus is often on how much bonus or free spins you get when you sign up. And it is a big deal when you join a new site, but we do think that there are a few more things to think about. All sites in the top list above has great bonus deals, but also a lot more great things connected to them. is hoping that you with our help will find your next favorite!