Best Casino Bonus in the UK

A welcome gift is a way for online casinos to attract new players to become members at their site. Except for the welcome gift most casinos are giving away rewards for the new players who also make a first payment. It is usually at least 100% of the amount of money that you have deposit in to your account. In our top list below we have ranked the best casino bonuses for players in the UK. You can simply press the link below and get access to the offers, but make sure to read all the terms and conditions before you accept anything. If you rather want a no deposit bonus you can read more about it here. There are a few different kinds of bonuses and we will explain them more detailed further down on this page.

How does it work?

It is a gift you often get when you sign up, so that you can use on the site to try out the casino, if a new slot is launching or if you have been a loyal player to the site. The most common gift is the one you get when you join a casino. The gift is often a percentage of what you have paid into your account. Let’s explain with an example: You deposit 50 GBP into your account, and the percentage is 100, which means that you will get 50 extra for free. Both your money and your chance of winning increase. 100% is the most occurring for your first deposit. A few casinos offers bonuses on a couple of your first deposits, often kind a like a staircase connected to how many deposits you have made.

For every step you take on the stairs the percentage might get higher or lower, and how much that is the limit of your bonus. For example: The first deposit gives you 200% up to a 100 GBP and the second deposit gives you 100% up to 200 GBP. The gaming industry is a huge market since there are new casinos opening all the time. Therefore you can get some really nice deals from most of the casinos online. In our list above we have some extra sweet deals for you, and some of them are actually only valid through our links. There are a couple of different types of deals that the casinos offer:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus with no deposit
  • Bonus with deposit
  • Reload bonus
  • Free Spins

These five bonuses are the ones that are frequently seen at casinos today. Let’s go through what they all signify to the players

Welcome Bonus

As we have mentioned before the welcome gift is something that you receive when you sign up to a site. You could say that it is the first contact with the site. What kind of reward it is differ due to which casino you have chosen to become a member at. It can be a no deposit bonus, free spins or an offer including both of them. It can also be an offer you get together with your first payment.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus you get without having to use any of your own money. It can be different things and we have a whole page about this. It’s the kind of gift that everybody likes and you can read it more about it here. No matter what it is you like getting things for free or what do you say? It often comes with some wagering requirements, so you should look into what kind of requirements the sites demands before you accept it.

Bonus with deposit

Is an offer that comes with your first deposit and frequently used by casinos to reward new players for choosing their site. By using these bonuses you get more money to play with at the casino and it is a good way to start your career as an online casino player. You often get at least the same amount that you have paid in to your account, which means double the money! Therefore, you should know that it does not count as real money and that you will have to wager it to be able to withdraw it. You can in our list above see what the casinos that we recommend offers, and find their wagering requirements by using the links to the sites.

Reload bonus

When you have been playing at a casino for a while you might get some bonuses as a thank you for playing. That kind of reward could be called reload-, loyalty- or cash back bonus. You could get money to play for, new deposit bonuses or some free spins. A reload often means that you get a new bonus with your next payment. The casinos can also offer a reload by a certain schedule, that the first deposit each month gives you a percentage back and so on. Loyalty bonuses are often the same thing, but sometimes you can get free spins or extra money to your account without having to make a payment.

A cash back means that you will get money back while you’re actually playing. Let us explain with an example, if the cash back is 25% you will get 25% of everything that you lose. If you lose 100 GBP you’ll get 25 GBP back. All of the offers above could also be more of a campaign offer, so to join a couple of sites news letters can give you extra money to play for. Sometimes the casinos don’t always tell you about the rewards, and when you make the next payment you will get it like a little surprise in your account. Remember that they all come with some terms and conditions.

Free Spins

Free spins is one of the most common gifts that casinos gives to their players. As we have mentioned before free spins often is a part of the welcome gift when you become a member to the site. The free spins are almost always on a specific slot machine. In all of the bonuses above there usually are some free spins.

The welcome package, deposit- and loyalty bonus often consists of free spins. A lot of casinos also give free spins to their existing members when game developers like Net Entertainment or Microgaming are releasing a new game on their site. To get the highest amount of free spins we recommend you to sign up to all popular sites. Of course you can use our guide to find the best offers. As we have mentioned before we have been trying out all the casinos in our list and you can be sure that you play safely at these sites.

How do I get it?

In our top list above you will find all the best bonuses for players in the UK. You will actually get even better bonuses by using our links instead of going directly to the casino site. Some of the offers above are exclusive to our site so don’t forget that you have to click on our links to activate them. It doesn’t matter from which link from our site you use, as long as you press the link that is connected to the casino you would like to join. You then simply have to become a member to the site and the reward is yours. It is not only the bonus that will make your gaming experience great, support, payment solutions and what kind of games the site offers is as much a part of the entire gaming. Use our guide and find the casino of your dreams!

Opinions about bonuses

Everybody who plays at casinos has different opinions whether you should accept a deal or not. Some players prefer to decline the bonuses to be sure that they can withdraw everything they win and all money connected to their account. Other players frequently search for these bonuses. People who decline the offers often think that the terms and conditions are too strict and that it is not worth it. Regardless what you prefer you should always take a look at the terms and conditions before you accept anything.

If you do this you know what the rules are and if you will be able to turn it into winnings. A thing to think about is what kind of games you will be playing. The slot machines take much less time to wager the requirements compared to poker or black jack, which contributes very little with each game. Depending on what you will be playing it might not be worth accepting the rewards when signing up. If you are unsure you should check our guide out and you will definitely find a casino that suits you, with our without the rewards!