£6000 will fall in Seasons!


Fall has arrived, but at MrGreen casino it isn’t just leaves that are falling! In the MrGreen £6000 cash race, the cash will be falling faster than the colorful leaves, in a slot with the fitting name ‘Seasons’.

Seasonal Season

Play the slot Seasons until the 25th of September in order to enjoy the season to the fullest. You’ll also get the chance  to win your share of the £6000 prize pool!

Find the treasures!

So how do you catch the falling cash? Every spin of £0,25 or more that you make on the slot, will give you the opportunity to win one of the 25 treasure chests. These will contain random cash prizes for you to enjoy! The more you wager on each spin, the bigger are your chances to win one of the treasures! Regardless which cash prize you get, the money will immediately be credited to your account. The prizes are all real money – and comes with no requirements what so ever!

This is what the treasures can contain:

1x £700  | 1x £600 | 1x £550 | 1x £500 | 1x £475 | 1x £425 | 1x £400 | 1x £3500 | 1x £300 | 1x £250 | 1x £200 | 1x £175 | 3x £1500 |

Join in on the treasure hunt here -> 

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