Mr Green gives out €5,000 for helping him


Winter is over and spring is coming! Mr Green takes the fight against all the dusty slots in his spring cleaning. He cleans up after the wizards, jokers and all seven sins. While dusting, he seemed to find some cash laying around. In his joyful mode, he decided to give it to the top 25 players who can polish the slots the best!

Get a share of €5,000

Become one of the 25 top players with the slots Fire Joker, 7 Sins, and Gemix. Get rewarded with a share of the €5,000 that Mr Green found laying around in a pile of coins next to the slots. The first place gets €1,250 and the following 24 gets less and less. Make sure to be in the top of the top 25, for a bigger part of the big price! Although, no need to be sad if you don’t do so. The last 21th to 25th place gets €50, which is a nice amount of pocket money for helping out with the spring cleaning.

Three slots and two bonus games

The slots included in the offer will get you the point, however the other slots at Mr Green will only give you the usual wins. In Gemix, the amounts of hearts and stars will give you different points. For example, 15 or more stars will give you 50 points, and the same amounts of hearts gives 40 points. 5 stars gives 10 points, and 9 hearts will give 9 points.

In Fire Joker, the point system is a little bit different but of course it will give you points as well. The best winning combination here is three Fire Joker symbols, giving you a score of 200 points. Next in the list is three sevens that will give 150 points. This list goes on, and ends with the smallest score with 10 points, for three X’s.

In these slots, there is also a chance of getting bonus points. Get to the Money Wheel bonus round in Fire Joker, or a Sin Spin in 7 Sins, and you get 500 extra points in the competition.

Fight for the top placement

There will be a lot of participants in this shining competition, so you can expect it to be a real fight about the top positions in the leaderboard. The promotion is only valid during a week, with start at 0:01 at March 1st, and ends at 23:59 at March 8th. There should not be forgotten that you might win the usual jackpots and wins with the slots as well. Even if you may not be interested in being one of the top placed in the Spring Cleaning promotion, then it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time chasing jackpots at these three slots anyway. Maybe you just happen to get a whole lot of nice winning paylines, giving you both money and a good placement in the leaderboard.

Join Mr Green in his spring cleaning here ->

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