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Welcome to, your guide to play casino online successfully in the UK. If you are interested in getting a few nice bonus offers or finding a new favourite casino, you arrived to the right place. We have visited a lot of online casino – new and old, small and big. Our work has been collected in to one great site – We have ranked all the best casinos online to help you highest bonuses and best experiences possible. On this site, you will get all the latest offers from the online casinos with the best deals. You will also find useful information, tips about how to play and win, and much more. Be sure to check in with our reviews and read more about the casinos that we recommend.

You will find not only free spins and no deposit bonus offers here. We also provide you with important information to make your experience with casino online better. It is important to feel safe while playing, and by using our guides we hope you will feel safer than ever. Make sure to learn how to play the game, before you start gambling with your money. We have collected every necessary detail about visiting casino online on this site, and everything about the casino world online. We do this so you can focus on playing and having fun, instead of searching and comparing casinos. Use our guide and start playing at the best online casino today!

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There are many reasons why you should use as a guide through the jungle of casino online. One of them is the high level of expertise you can find here. This guide is useful for everyone that is allowed to play at online casinos. We think that you should be able to know nothing at all about online casino, but still get along really well at the casino sites. Well, with a bit of help from this guide of course.

The standard we demand from the online casinos that we collaborate with are very high, and we would never recommend a casino that we wouldn’t play at ourself. We also know that all of the casinos that we review and recommend have great support in case that any problem should appear. Some of the offers here on are unique for this site so be sure to click the correct link to claim the offers. All our links will guide you to the right offer at the right casino, so just follow these and you’ll be all right.

We also spend a lot of time to find daily and weekly offers that we post here on our page. We are also keeping up with all the news on the market, such as VR Casinos and the rising popularity of the Bitcoin. Of course we post them as well, so you easily can take part of them without digging around at every site. Make sure to come back to us in order to stay updated and find out where to find the best bonus and free spins offers!

Play casino for free, and win real money?

This heading is a very common question – can you really play casino for free, but still win real money? Well, it might surprise you but the answer to that is yes! Yes you can! It might sound too good to be true, but it’s actually a correct statement. Playing casino for free with real money as winnings, is actually a very common phenomenon. It can be a bit tricky to understand, and we’ll try to explain how you can make this happen. As we hope you know by now, we are here to help you on your casino adventure. Here below we are going to help you understand how you can get real money from your free spins or no deposit bonuses. Simply, we’ll show you how to get real money from playing without your own money.

Wagering your winnings

A lot of people think that you can’t get the money you won on no deposit bonuses or free spins. It makes sense, since it’s not you money. The money are often “locked” to the casino site with a wagering requirement. This is for the casinos to protect them against certain bonus hunters that just use the bonuses. These players joins the casino, makes a deposit, collect the bonus money and then makes a withdrawal of everything. The requirement stops the money from leaving the casino, without it being wagered first. It’s not only on the bonus money either – it’s often applied to the winnings and earnings of free spins as well. Although, you should not be worried about this as a player. We actually have a few tips on how you will get the most out of your no deposit winnings.

Good to know

The first thing you need to know is that most casinos have a limit on how much you are able to withdraw from no deposit winnings. If you have made a deposit, or if you just won a pooled jackpot, there is usually no limit for withdrawal. Although, some might want you to make smaller withdrawals at a longer range of time, since it might be hard for them to pay you back. This is mostly common if you won a jackpot or if you have a lot of money on your account. Read the terms and conditions at your casino, to make sure you know what the deal really is.

The second thing you need to learn is the term wagering requirements. To explain it shortly, it’s the safety that casinos have. When they give you bonus money, they also want to be sure that you will play for them. This goes wit no deposit free spins as well – they want the money to stay at the casino and not just disappear into your own pocket. Since the requirements are mostly bad for the players, try to find casino bonuses with as low requirements as possible. Most of your earnings might end up in losses to the slots and games, and that’s not really fun. Smaller wagering requirements means more money to your account!

When you became a member at the casino site and got your free spins or no deposit bonus, it also came with some terms and conditions. This is often a bit boring to read, and hard to understand. However, it can be quite helpful to actually read them through at least once, to know what you can expect from the casino you are putting your money in.

Limits and demands

Again, some casinos might have a limit for your withdrawals. Of course you can settle with the limit and do a withdrawal of the maximum amount there is. You might also get some of the bonus money with you, in the withdrawal. Although you might want to get a little bit more out, and get all the wonderful money on your account. This is where that important term comes back. Do you remember it? Of course we are talking about the wagering requirement, the stop that’s on your money. This stops you from withdrawing all the bonus money, and it makes it harder for you to enjoy your money.

If, however, you are a bit on the positive side, you can hope for even bigger money from the games since you now have more to play with. Maybe you dare to bet more on the slots or on the table games? Maybe that will give you the jackpot or the big win that you’ve always dreamed of.

Wagering requirements

Let’s explain the wagering requirements with the help from an example. This usually makes it a bit easier to understand, and easier for you to wrap your head around it. Say you have won £5 on the five free spins you got as a no deposit bonus. The wagering requirement connected to all free spins is x10. Given this, you will have to wager the £5 five times before you have turned it to real money. This doesn’t mean you have to bet all the £5 before you can withdraw them. It simply means that you have to play for and wager £50 before the casino will make the bonus money into cash.

The wagering requirements are often higher than ten times, and it’s not unusual for it to be up to 35 times. Normally, there is other bonuses with lower wagering requirements than deposit bonuses. The no deposit bonus and welcome bonus tend to have higher requirements than the other bonuses that you’ll find along the way. This is useful information if you want to choose the one with the less demands connected to it.

New bonuses

As times changes so does the offers and deals. This makes the bonuses a bit different from time to time and from casino to casino. The terms and conditions often changes together with the other demands. Since the competition is harder, the casinos need to be more interesting for the players. There is, as you might understand, a lot of good things about all the casinos and the competition on the market. It really benefits the players in many ways.

One way is that it forces more and more casinos to stop using wagering requirements. This means that you can cash out from your free spins immediately, without having to wager your money first. You can therefor win a lot without spending anything at all. Of course you can find casinos that offers free spins with no wagering requirements in our list above. More about the casinos are found in our reviews.

Casino Guides isn’t all about free spins and bonuses, we also have a few very detailed casino guides and reviews about the best casinos, other games like black jack, live casino and much much more. is the complete guide to help you increase both your knowledge about online casino and your wallet, and the best thing about it? You get to learn all of this for free.

Let us guide you

As you can see, it is a few things to keep in mind when you are about to choose a casino. We hope that our guides here on our site will help you find the casinos and offers that you are looking for. We’ve done our best to make it easy to understand and read, so you can use all we have to offer. If you still find it a bit tricky, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you with questions and thoughts, as well as listen to your wishes.

Choose the right Casino for you

It is all lot of things that can affect how you feel about a casino, and it can take some time to find the right one for you. We recommend you to take a look in our list of casino and reviews to compare them and choose some of them to try out. We have collected only the best online casinos on our top list, and that is the best only. We’ve graded them with much in mind, and made sure that they are all right for every player. The sites are safe, secure, has good offers and treats their players well. If it’s a casino on our site and on our top list – you will not be disappointed.

When you choose casino there is a few things you should think about, such as bonuses, support and payment solutions. Of course, you will want to see what games the site offers – maybe you prefer casinos that offer slots from either IGT, Blueprint or Microgaming? It’s never fun to register and sign up to a new site, make a deposit and get the bonus, just to find out you won’t be able to play your favourite games. You also want to make sure that the casino has a valid license too, so it’s a safe and secure casino. The sites we recommend are always licensed, valid and safe.

No deposit free spins

It is very common that you will get some free spins without any deposit, at online casinos. It’s an easy way for the casinos to welcome you, and it’s highly appreciated by the players. You will often get them as a welcome when you become a new member at the online casino sites. Most casinos often have that kind of welcome bonus , and sometimes they throw in a bonus amount of money as well How many free spins you get depends on which site you choose, as well as what their bonus are at the time.

One tip is of course to become a member on more than one casino site that we have listed. With more memberships at casinos, you can also take part of more than one bonus and free spins offer. Just make sure to only have one account on every casino, since it’s strictly forbidden to have more than one. Though, there is nothing stopping you from joining more casinos!

If you feel like there is too many casinos to choose from, you can start by creating an account on one of them. Check it out, see what you like and what you want from a casino. Then go down throughout the top five casinos on our top list, and create accounts there. Try to get familiar with how to use the site for the best outcome possible. See if you miss anything, if you want more of something and simply what you like.

Top casinos in the top list

We have put all the casino rooms that offer free spins with no deposit in the UK, on our toplist. Of course, we also have a detailed review for every one of those casinos as well. Check them out, read a bit about them and see what seems to interest you. Later on, if you want more free spins, you often get it with a first deposit. It doesn’t always have to be a big deposit – £10 will usually do just fine. Some of the casinos also reward their players who have made a deposit with additional spins.

If you find a good casino, you might also fin a casino that gives you a deposit bonus on more than one deposit. It’s not too unusual to get a bonus on the first two or three deposits you make at a new casino. So, making a deposit at a casino online doesn’t always have to be a complete loss.

You can also get some no deposit free spins when a new game is released. It is a common gift the casinos gives to their players in hope that they later will make a new deposit or a first one. But you can always use your free spins only to try out a new slot. Don’t forget to check out or site from time to time since we’re constantly writing about new deals were you get free spins with no deposit.

We know how to get the most out of casino online

Online casino, poker, slots and games online have rapidly grown to become a common hobby and interest. There is now a lot of people that spends both time and money on the casino sites. The trend does not seem to stop – it only grows and attracts more players. With better bonuses and lower demands on the bonus money, the players tend to join more casinos. It also gives the casino sites a bit more on how to bring more players in to their site, and what kind of offers the players seem to like.

The online casino industry is huge and there are more game companies chasing for new players than you can count. New online casinos pop up every day, and they often give the players huge bonus offers. The game market is crazy, not only in the UK but all around the world. Everyday you get in touch with different commercials and marketing from all kinds of companies. All of them are trying to win you over to their site. As a player, you have the possibility to join or leave casinos right when you want to. The more sites you are registered on, the more offers you get and can choose between.

Find the best online casino

With all these companies aiming towards the UK players, it is sometimes hard to know where you can get the best deal. This is exactly why we created this site – We behind the site are casino players and game lovers ourselves, and we love a nice no deposit bonus! Since we had a hard time figuring out what casinos really are nice, we decided to make our own site to helt other players. It’s made to be a guide for new players as well as old veterans in this casino world, to find the best bonuses. We are here to guide you to get the best free spins, bonuses and of course what casinos that are the best. Our guide shows you where you can get the bonuses at, so you can choose among the different companies in the UK market.

We will guide you so that you will be able to not only play for free, but also to be able to keep and withdraw your winnings. On this site you will find information on how to get free spins with no deposit, bonuses with no deposit, casino reviews and lots of other things. You’ll find everything that is important to know when it comes to the online casino world. Our goal is for you to feel safe and well prepared, as well as getting only the best offers and bonuses on the market.

Free spins and offers to claim each week

Every day of the week the different casinos has free spins and bonus offers to their players. Even if you are yet not a member at the casino, you can still claim the offers as soon as you have become a member. Sometimes you have to make a deposit before, to qualify for the offer. However, we will search for the freespins offer that you can claim with no deposit as well. We will give you a few tips where they have the best offers and how you can claim them, every week in our news. Stay up to date with our news about the bonuses. Don’t forget to visit our site once in a while, if you like free spins, bonuses and contest with amazing prices.

The contests are a new thing in the casino world, that comes along side the bonuses. It’s often big prizes and really fun surprises in the prize pool. Some might be trips and travels, some might be free spins and bonuses. If you are lucky you might just get a huge cash prize or something like a diamond. The competitions are often based on collecting points, collecting tickets or spinning a slot the most. It gives you tickets to raffles, points to a leaderboard or simply a count on your score to wager money. It’s an easy way to get a chance to travel for free or getting more money to play for.

Free spins with new slots

Every week, new slots are released by different software providers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Betsoft and Playtech – which is really great. More games means more jackpots to win, more big wins and of course new and exciting experiences. With this it is also very common that casinos offers free spins when they launch a new slot machine. This means that there often are free spins that you can get your hands on – and you don’t have to do a thing. Sometimes you will need to make a small deposit, like £10 or something. Otherwise, it might just be a great no deposit bonus for you to enjoy on the new game.

If you don’t want to keep up with everything yourself, at all the casinos out there, you can simply check in on our news. There you will find all the latest news connected to the casinos in our top list. It can be offers, races, new games and bonuses, as well as new casino sites or a tournament held on a site. We’ll also tell you if a casino changes their welcome bonus, so you know when it’s time to get an account there too. Stay updated with!